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Thursday, 24 March 2016

*Post inspired by Olivia over at

Hello there! Today I just wanted to have a chat to you the lovely people who work in Public Relations. It is inevitable that as a blogger that we will all come across PRs as they are the ones who work so hard on behalf of brands/companies to promote them and ultimately use bloggers/vloggers to help spread the word about a particular product or service. There is nothing wrong with this at all, in fact there are so many things right with it that it's hard to imagine the blogosphere without them!

After reading Olivia's post, I was inspired to share a few of my favourite Brands who have AMAZING PR! =)

The Body Shop:

Lucia who runs their Twitter is just one of the loveliest ladies I have met online. She is always there to help and comes across so happy and positive all the time, it is a joy to interact with her! The lovely PRs who work for The Body Shop are always ssoo nice and helpful when you email them (shoutout to Zoe!) It really is a joy to interact with them. A great brand, with a brilliant philosophy, with fabulous PRs - making blogging for them a joy!

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I have known about Trilogy and been in contact with them since they launched, way back in 2012!! They are a brand which I have come to love over the years and everyone whom I've come into contact with, especially their PRs have always been super friendly and helpful. I absolutely adore this brand's skincare line and their Rosehip Oil has become something of a #holygrail item of mine. I also adore their Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm and Everything Balm. I could go on forever about Trilogy, but I'll stop here and let you read about them instead! Just let it be known they are 100% helpful and 100% wonderful! >.<

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Boutique of Molly:

A brand I have come to know only this year but one I already love! Not only are their clothes awesome, but the ladies that run it are too! Always happy to help you choose something from their site and be there for you if something goes wrong. I love receiving a pink parcel as it means there's another piece of clothing inside, ready to be reviewed! I hope to be working with these lovely ladies a lot more in 2016 and I for one, could not be happier!

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Ever since I came into contact with Magnitone in December last year, their PR team have not let me down. Just like the Lucia over at The Body Shop, the Magnitone ladies are always there with a friendly tweet or message to make you smile. I was lucky enough to have been gifted my very own Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush and my skin has never been better! I had a bit of difficulty ensuring that I had indeed been gifted one as I did not receive a confirmation email, but they reassured me time and time again that yes, I was getting one and to try to be patient! I have had no worries about contacting them or asking a question as I know there will be a friendly reply when I do. =)

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Love The Sales:

Again a brand I have only recently come across but Liam who runs their website is very friendly and I am very pleased to be working with him. He emailed me after I RT'd a tweet asking for bloggers, he got in touch and from the get go was very friendly and helpful. Look out for an #OOTD Post featuring this dress coming soon!!!! =)

Emma Mountain:

I'm sure Emma will not mind me mentioning her here!! Emma works as a PR on behalf of Warner Brothers and as a film fanatic I could not miss the opportunity to work with her! =) She is so friendly in her emails/tweets/facebook posts that I feel like we're friends. It's funny because almost the first campaign she had going I could not do because it meant travelling to London (why oh why is it always London?!?!) and she cracked me up as she was convinced we'd work together at some point! And we have which I am super happy about! It may not have been anything big or involved me seeing a film premiere (yet!) but I am so pleased to have met her and I cannot wait to see where 2016 takes our (working!) relationship!


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So you see, blogging can and IS fun when the people you work with are as amazing as this lot! Thank You guys!!!! >.<


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