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Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Interview Room - Meet The Blogger

In case you've been living under a rock recently you may not know that I'm now working with Pick A Blogger! If you've been reading (and hopefully enjoying!) my #MeettheBlogger Interviews, then you will have probably have noticed that I've been getting quite a bit of extra promotion from the team whenever an interview goes live. I'll try my best to explain what's been a happening, so if you're interested then please read on!

I've been a member of Pick A Blogger for a while now and loved how much traffic they were bringing to my Blog after submitting my posts. The team behind the scenes are very friendly and always willing to help out.

At the end of January, Leon got in contact with me after I had submitted my first few #MeetTheBlogger #Interviews (Catch up here). He said they'd been looking for and asking bloggers if they would like to interview other bloggers but no-one was really interested. They had seen my Interviews and after reading them thought I was doing a great job! (Thanks guys!) Leon remembered that I'd helped them out by hosting one or two of their #PaBChat sessions, (which happen every Sunday 5-6PM on Twitter). He asked me if I'd be interested in developing my idea and working with them?? Would I ever!!!!!
To say I was excited to announce the start of my #MeetTheBlogger Series, in association with Pick a Blogger, was a bit of an understatement, as you can see from the tweet I was rather happy! The reaction I got from other bloggers was genuinely so lovely. Everyone tweeted me to say how happy they were for me and how they wanted to be interviewed next!

Basically they are allowing me a platform from which I can promote and share my Interviews and a place where you (yes, you reading this right now!) can apply to be interviewed! It couldn't be easier, just go to and fill out the form! I will then be sent a copy of said form and will reply to you with the questions. After answering them, simply email them back to me with a photo of yourself (so everyone knows who you are!) and all your social media links! Easy huh??

I honestly love working with Pick a Blogger for my 'Meet the Blogger' Series. I have met so many bloggers since starting than I thought I ever would normally! It's such a great way to get to read a wide range of blogs and find more wonderful people to follow!

Pick-A-Blogger Promotion:

Like I mentioned before, I first got involved with Pick-a-blogger to aid promotion of my blog posts and to bring more traffic to my blog in general. You can submit your blog posts and/or videos to them, even if you have a free account. You can submit up to 3 posts a day and they will promote them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Premium Elite Membership gives you:

  • 6 Months ELITE Custom Directory Profile
  • *UNLIMITED* Blog Post Submissions
  • *UNLIMITED* Video Post Submissions
  • *UNLIMITED* Giveaway Posts Submissions
  • FREQUENT Twitter Retweets/Mentions
  • ELITE Affiliate Earn up to (25%) Revenue
  • Online Newspaper Features
  • Twitter #Pabchat Hosting Eligibility
  • *UNLIMITED* Forum Access
  • Elite Membership Discounts & Offers 

I cannot stress how much of a worthwhile investment this is for your blog/youtube channel! (and please trust that I'm not just saying this!!) The stats speak for themselves, Pick a Blogger rates very highly in my traffic sources and thanks to the Interview Room I'm getting extra traffic from the posts themselves. Sign up for free if you like and see for yourself just how much your stats increase!


So there you have it! A little round up of Pick a Blogger and an introduction into their services! I'm sure you've heard of them and are already signed up so I needn't go on about them anymore, but just in case you're not, go ahead and visit them, sign up and submit a blog post! Then come back here and let me know how many people visited your site because of them!! Don't forget to visit The Interview Room and apply to be interviewed - I'd love to meet you!


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