A Bloom Boutique Review.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Way back in January, I entered a twitter competition being held by the lovely Louise over @Bloomboutique. If you read my @thatlamecompany#review, you'll know that I'm all for a follow+RT kinda comp! This time it was to win this beautiful bracelet and I couldn't help myself as it was so beautiful!

So imagine my delight when I opened my notifications a few days later to be announced as 1 of 5 winners!! I was so pleased as not only do I love winning things, (doesn't everyone!?) I secretly really wanted this bracelet simply because it was so beautiful! (And it's even better in real life!!) it features a rose gold heart (yes it's even in the most coveted of blogger colours!) with 3 rose gold coloured circles and features a magnetic closure. The band itself is silver and very flexible! I can wrap it around my wrist three times before closing it! And my wrists aren't the slimmest around!! The heart and the beads can all move along the band but cannot come off, providing security over loss. The magnetic closure itself makes it easy to do up yourself – handy if you don't have anyone around to help! But I have found that if the bracelet gets caught then it can come undone. Whether this is a fault in design, or just me being clumsy, it is something to be aware of. But don't let this distract you from the absolute beautiful-ness of this piece of jewellery.

I have worn this just about everyday since I received it and I love how it goes perfectly with my rose gold watch from George at Asda! Yes I think I have become addicted, just like every blogger to the altar that is rose gold/copper! And I couldn't be happier! I love it and I always smile whenever I look at the time or simply look down to admire my beautiful new bracelet!

A bit about Bloom! It is run by Louise who specialises in beautifully contemporary personalised jewellery, watches, necklaces and original designs which are brought to you from all over the world. The Jewellery Collection is modern, stylish and completely wearable, bringing a unique twist to every necklace, bangle, brooch and ring. Bloom's fashion accessory and gift collection is inspired by today's modern living meaning your gift will not look out of place with today's fashion pieces.

I can attest to Louise's careful packaging of her jewellery items as my bracelet arrived carefully wrapped up and secured.

Every item is sent by Royal Mail first class so you can be sure you'll receive your item within 5-7 days.

 Every item on the Bloom Boutique's site is absolutely gorgeous. It will fulfill all of your rose-gold dreams and desire for fine yet delicate jewellery.  You can even have your pieces personalised which I love. Why not add in a birthstone gem to finish it off? Gorgeous.
Everything is reasonably priced so no matter your budget you can be assured of finding something to treat yourself or that special someone in your life! I highly recommend that you check out Louise's site and browse her amazing collection, you're bound to find something you'll love!

Once again, thanks to Louise for choosing me as one of her winners I absolutely adore this bracelet and will wear it with pride. I urge you to check out her site and say hey on Twitter!
Let me know if you buy anything from her, I'd love to know!!

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