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Monday, 11 April 2016

Citron citron - Miller Harris*

Hello there! Let me introduce you to my newest perfume - citron citron from Miller Harris. This is a new fragrance to me as I had not heard of Miller Harris before receiving this perfume. Miller Harris is quintessentially cool, with it's unique bottle designs and clever twists on modern fragrances. Citron citron is described as " the essence of citron with all the bright, clean freshness it suggests"

Citron citron is Lyn Harris's signature scent and the citrus notes within this perfume have staying power and last well on the skin. As it is quite a musky/woodsy scent it lends itself to being unisex.

The top notes to this unique perfume consist of Lemon Sicily, Orange Seville and Lime Jamacia, opening out to Mint leaf, basil Egypt, Marjoram France and Thyme abs France. Rounding off this perfume are notes of green moss, cedarwood Morac and Cardomom Gutemala.

This perfume would be perfect for someone who prefers a deeper, spicier, almost woodland-y scent, as for me this is so different to my all time favourites of Madomoiselle by Coco Chanel and Angel by Thierry Mugler. Anyone who knows their perfumes would know that the Fragrance Notes for those perfumes contain similar elements. Both containing patchouli, vanilla, fruit scents of oranges and grapefruit, they evoke childhood memories of sweet desserts and candyfloss.

Miller Harris was founded by Lyn Harris in 2000. She spent five years training in Paris before working at Grasse Robertet, the world leader in natural aromatic ingredients. The perfumes created at Miller Harris are innovative yet timeless, classic but pushing boundaries. It was Lyn's vision to create a wardrobe of Fragrances for women and men rather than to be restricted to just one. Different occasions call for different outfits and your perfume choice should be just the same. Working with Grasses Robertet, Lyn Harris continues to source the finest quality natural ingredients to create perfumes that is as individual as the wearer.

I love the simple, elegant and classy design of the bottle. The line art design does not draw attention to the bottle nor detract from it, rather it adds to the elegance of the design overall; with the design overlapping onto the box it comes in.

Everything about this perfume screams timeless elegance. From the bottle design, to the opening and lasting notes of citron and lime. I believe it would sit perfectly on any bathroom shelf or lady's dressing table.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to wear and fully appreciate this fragrance. Yes, it is a departure from the sweet fragrances of youth, but you change as you grow older and your fragrance should evolve with you. I can see this becoming a favourite of mine in the years to come. Thank You to We Are Thirty Plus and Miller Harris for this fabulous gift.




*denotes PR sample - all fragrance related opinions are mine!

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