Guest Post - Charlene McElhinney.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Hello, lovelies. I'm Charlene McElhinney (also known as @blogabtnothing1) I am extremely excited about writing this piece today as this is my first ever guest blog ­ and what a privilege to be writing for such a wonderful person: @sunshinesarahxo

Firstly, let me tell you about how I stumbled across this lovely individual. I
was hosting a giveaway ­ in which Sarah entered ­ and won! It was really as
simple as that. Now, we chat to one another regularly and support each
other's posts, which is hugely important in the blogger community.
Let me tell you a bit about myself and how I started blogging: I'm Charlene
McElhinney. I'm a 19 year old girl, from Glasgow, who is creative, friendly and
a huge lover of Coronation Street and Cats. I began blogging several months
ago as I had been suffering from severe Depression and Anxiety alone, and I
decided it was time to use my passion for writing to talk about my
experiences and open up about how I was feeling; It was one of the best
things I ever did. The support, and the encouragement, I have received
since my very first blog post has been absolutely tremendous. It really has. I
have been able to help people in ways I never thought I could.
I spent months and months on end alone in my room believing I was inferior and that nobody understood me: I realise now that they do. I still suffer from Depression (and
anxiety) on a daily basis but there are many ways in which I try and combat
it. One of these ways is by pushing myself to go to the gym as frequently as I
can ­ exercising is one of the best therapies there is. I am also on medication
and I have attended many counselling and other professional help sessions; I
believe each of these things have contributed in helping me make the
immense progress that I am making ­ but I am still not 100% yet.
Blogging, for me, has been absolutely life-­changing. At first, when I started, I
had a few negative comments. People were doubting, judging and publicly
humiliating me. At the time it affected me quite badly. Now I realise that these
people were merely jealous. They did not like seeing me doing well, making
progress and trying to get some normality in my life. I'll give you a laugh: I
uploaded a blog post about how I had been feeling down and I'd not had
motivation to go out or do anything; however I finished this blog post off with
a photo of myself smiling. Someone, who I know fairly well, questioned my
Depression and stated "How on earth can you be depressed if you are smiling
in photographs?". It was the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.
My favourite quote is: 'behind this smile is everything you will never
understand' it sums up my attitude to this comment ­in a nutshell.
With Depression, it does not mean that you go through daily life with your
face tripping you and a massive big grey cloud hovering above you ­ letting
everyone know that you're not OK. Infact, most people with Depression are
masters at hiding it...
I realise that I am rambling on a bit, and this is a guest post, so I will leave
links at the end of this blog post (if any of you lovely people are interested in
reading more about my journey ­ or have anything to ask me ­ I would be
more than happy to chat with you).
I have had a difficult year, and blogging has been one of my biggest comforts.
I have met some truly wonderful and genuine people (one of which is
@sunshinesarahxo) and for that I am eternally grateful. The support I have
received from people has been magnificent and I will always do my very best
to return this favour. Supporting one another is vital. 100%.
I began hosting my own 'Twitter Chat' (for those of you who know what I am
talking about) and I absolutely love it. I put so much enthusiasm and effort
into making them as unique and conversational as possible; the reaction to
these chats has also been incredible. More and more people seem to be
contributing and getting involved, I can not express how heart-­warming this is
for me. If you fancy getting involved in these chats you can #beechat on a
Monday from 5pm­6pm or on a Thursday 9pm­10pm and you will be
welcomed with open arms! I promise.
I will leave all my links at the bottom of this page, should you wish to check
me out on any of my social media pages. If you are still reading ­ thank you
so much ­ and I hope this has been a bearable guest post for you. Thank you
to @sunshinesarahxo for giving me the opportunity to have a right good
ramble on her blog page ­you're a star! (I'm sure I have told you this
Until next time,
Charlene McElhinney

@blogabtnothing1 @CBeechat (#beechat)

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