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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Good evening!! (Yes, I'm writing this in the evening, with a glass of wine and Crème de la Crème on TV......!)
Tonight I'm bringing you a post in association with LYDC Bags!
I am styling this Wicker Tote together with my new Toci dress from Boutique of Molly. It's the perfect colours for Spring and as blue is my favourite colour this could well be my perfect Spring handbag

 I'm not one to change up my handbags for the season but with this one I could be persuaded! With striking blue stripes contrasting with the hexagonal design, it is eye catching yet subtle. The blue straps and side detail fit perfectly with the blue skies of spring and beg you to be brave enough to step outside sans jacket.
This Wicker Vision Tote cleverly features zipped pocket at the back, enabling you to quickly have access to your phone/train ticket/lip balm. The straps are long enough to allow the bag to be worn on the shoulder without feeling restricted.
This Spring bag looked perfect in the sunshine which shone so brightly in my garden last week. I took the opportunity to take pictures of it in the sunlight to capture it in all it's gorgeousness.
You can style this up however you like, but as I was in my Toci dress, I thought 'why not!?'
They contrast and contradict with each other, fighting your eyes and almost blinding you like the gorgeous Spring sunshine does.
 This wicker tote bag is the perfect companion to your springtime adventures. Perfectly suited to lazy afternoons whiled away in a pub garden, or days spent at the beach with family and friends.
Measuring 36cm x 12cm x 32cm you can rest assured you can take your tablet/laptop/camera and all chargers with you so as not to miss a moment of that precious time spent together with nearest and dearest.
I am loving this Wicker Vision Tote bag from LYDC Bags London. It's perfect for Springtime and will go with so many outfits. I can see it looking amazing with denim shorts, a slogan t-shirt and sandals when the weather does turn warmer....come on Summer!
I hope you liked seeing how I styled my bag, would you style it differently?? Have you got a handbag you only use in Spring/Summer?!? Do you have any tips for me?? I'd love to know!
Thanks for reading and be sure to say hi to the girls over at LYDC, Chloe is super friendly!

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*PR sample, but all bag-related opinions and style ideas are my own.

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