#SmallBiz Series Part 12 Featuring Aloha Lola Cards

Sunday, 10 April 2016

#smallbiz Series!

Hello there! I have decided to start another new series on my Blog, this time focussing on small businesses. Being a blogger I am regularly put in touch with owners of small businesses and it is a really enjoyable part of being a blogger. Whether it be reviewing a product, service or finding a new company which sells fashion at an affordable price, there is often a small team of people behind it, plugging away, putting in the late nights and the early mornings trying everything to make a success out of their little business. I do feel, that as bloggers we do owe some responsibility to them as more and more of them are turning to Twitter and bloggers alike to promote themselves. Plus, I think it's fun being one of only a handful of bloggers lucky enough to discover a burgeoning business and getting to trial some of their products! Or is that just me!?

I have found all of the business I'll be featuring on twitter, under the hashtag #smallbiz as that is where they were all hiding! To start with, I'll be featuring a couple of the small businesses I've already come into contact with, as that way I hope that a few of you will have already heard of them too!

So if you like finding new places to buy fashion, beauty or a present for your loved one, sit back, grab a cuppa and read on!
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Today I am so pleased to be able to introduce Aloha Lola Cards to you. Claire is an amazingly talented illustrator and digital print artist. She can create illustrations for you or your family, or a new header for your blog, a new twitter profile picture or a blog button. Each design is personalised to your exact requirements and Claire will be in touch with you throughout to ensure the design is how you want it.

I could not be happier with my new blog header and blog button. For so long I've said 'I want one of those' but never gone further than the investigative stage. But having got completely and utterly sick of both my old designs, I knew it was now or never to get the new one! Claire was more than happy to help me out and asked me loads of questions about what kind of design I wanted. Having a look through her previous designs, it was easy for me get an idea of how I wanted my header to look. I knew I wanted a caricature of myself, along with a few pictures which truly represented me and my blog. After narrowing down what I wanted and asking loads of questions, Claire set about designing!

This was the first design Claire sent over which actually captures me perfectly! Albeit for the hair/eye colour! Choosing a picture for Claire to work from wasn't difficult as I knew I'd chose one from when I was a bridesmaid for my sister's wedding last year.

Working with Claire was easy! She is so easy to get along with and will readily accept any last minute changes or additions like she did with me! I thought I'd listed everything I wanted but suddenly remembered Australia!! She kindly and patiently took the time to message me back and find out exactly what it was I wanted adding! As you can see from the picture below, Claire had added in the map of Australia with a little flag and koala! Cute!

All the other little images sum me up perfectly! I like to eat chocolate whilst watching Dirty Dancing (my favourite film), Red Setters are my favourite breed of dog, I adore baking cakes (Victoria Sponges especially!) and I'm a wine lover!! Perfect!

Throughout the process, Claire was always available and was very pleasant to talk to. She was readily available on twitter and I felt very happy I the knowledge that my design was in great hands. Just seeing these two drafts made me smile and I was full of happy feels!! I KNEW I'd made the right decision in going with Aloha Lola Cards.

The next stage was choosing the style of text I wanted for my blog name. This was a tough decision because it has to be right, you know? Easy to read but not too bold, not so fine that you can't really see it clearly! I couldn't chose just one so I gave Claire a choice of 3 (1, 2 + 4 if you're interested!) I was very happy with the decision she had made!

It was definitely starting to come together and I was getting more and more excited to see the finished product!


WOW! I couldn't believe it when Claire messaged me with this beauty!!! >.< It is EVERYTHING I wanted it to be and more!!! it captures my personality (and likeness!) better than anyone I've ever known! EVERYTHING sums me up, from the chocolate and dvd combo, to the cake wine and horses!!! I absolutely love the two little horses at either side of my blog name, it's such a great touch and just finishes it off perfectly. Claire, you outdid yourself here and I am one proud blog mamma right now!!


As if that wasn't enough, Claire then proceeded to design a Blog Button/Twitter profile pic for me! I adore this almost as much as my header!! It's simple but perfect and is waayy better than that piece of crap I had previously!!! It brings my blog and myself to life and will just look oh so pretty sitting on my fellow blogger's pages when I advertise with them!!

To say I'm over the moon with my designs would be an understatement. Claire is beyond talented and deserves more people knowing about her ability. Talented, friendly, quick to answer queries this gorgeous illustrator is one to watch!!

If you are in the market for a new header for your blog or a new twitter profile picture then I cannot recommend Claire from Aloha Lola Cards more highly. She will undertake her work with the upmost care and attention to detail. She will listen to you and give you the freedom to customise the design so is just as you want it. Don't worry if you're not in the market for a design for your blog as Claire can create an illustration just for you or your loved ones to make that present extra special. She will even personalise keyrings for you! Make someone's day and commission a design today!!

Claire's Etsy Shop | Twitter | Instagram |


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