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Saturday, 23 April 2016

With Spring well and truly sprung, it's that time of year again when we're thinking of summer holidays and with that comes the inevitable dread of getting into our bikinis again! Along with dieting like mad women we have to keep in mind how we're going to tame our body hair....namely that area downstairs. We have lots of options from shaving, waxing, epilating, name it there's a way to get rid of our unwanted hair!

Usually I'm a waxer and have been for many years, going every few months to have some beautician pull my pubic hair out with hot wax strip! Ouch! But effective! But with me being unemployed at the moment I simply cannot afford it so have had to go back to the old way of hair removal - shaving! The reason I avoided it for so long is simply because I really really really disliked the itching, the shaving rash and the inevitable ingrown hairs which seem to plague not just me, but up to 60% of women who shave their intimate area!! Shocking!

To try and combat this I have been trialling a few products from Sass - the intimate skincare brand for women. The vagina has a delicate pH so we have to be careful about the products we use, this includes which shaving gel/cream we use when ridding ourselves of unwanted hair. All Sass products have been gynaecologist approved so you can sit back and relax knowing that they've been approved by an expert!

Caring for your intimate area is very important. Nothing should hold you back when planning that all important summer break. It's no fun being left to cover up on the beach because you have had a problem whilst shaving. Research suggests that everyday soaps, shower gels and lubricants can damage sensitive tissues and that's no fun for anyone! Sass products are formulated with unique technology, helping to maintain harmony at all times.

The products I have been testing are Cleanse Me and Intimate Refreshing Mist. (The Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate came in my March Beauty Blogger Box!)

Cleanse Me -  "....this cleanser maintains intimate harmony through its probiotic action promoting good bacteria and inhibiting other microbes that lead to thrush and BV, ensuring women can feel their best every day...."

Intimate Refreshing Mist -  ."..this mist can be used anytime, anywhere to instantly refresh the intimate area......"

Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate -  "...a perfect mix for perfect skin. It helps to prevent ingrown hairs, reduce hair re-growth and soothe skin post-shave or wax..."

It's so refreshing to have products specifically designed to be used in our intimate areas. For so long I just used the same shave gel on my bikini line as I had on my legs! Big mistake! It caused all sorts of irritation and soreness that is just not needed in that area thanks very much! Using these Sass products I have been pleasantly surprised that the itching has toned down and so have the ingrown hairs. The refreshing mist has come in handy at that time of the month as I do tend to get a bit sweaty in the hot weather and I know it will be perfect in my beach bag if I was going away anywhere.

Your Summer-ready regime is not complete without these Sass products in your kit. Known worldwide for being the go-to brand for gentle yet effective care of our intimate areas, Sass has a range of 9 products designed to take care of your most sensitive area. So there is no need to be like the 82.2% of women who admit that they spend more time on Facebook over an intimate wellbeing routine!

What do you use to prevent itching, ingrown hairs on your intimate area?? Have you heard of Sass products before?? Are you planning a summer holiday this year??? Let me know!

SASS® products are available from / Boots nationwide.




*PR Sample but all bikini related opinions are my own!

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