Blogging Motivation #GuestPost

Monday, 9 May 2016

Blogging Motivation

When you have moments of madness or turmoil, it can cause moments, minutes or hours of questioning why you blog. I’ve been there!
We can put our hands up as bloggers and say that blogging isn’t always easy, especially with the time it takes to run a blog the way we want.

Perfection doesn’t exist, but we always want more and more out of what we do, until it gets to a stage where we don’t feel like we’re benefiting anymore; this could be at the start or at any period of time.

Our blogs are out of our hands most of the time, as if we don’t have the following we want, then what is the point of us blogging? It’s the truth isn’t it? 
This is what we do so much in our lives, we give up because times get hard. No-one said gaining a following was going to be easy; any blogger will agree. 

Having a slump is something we all go through, and if you want to give up an incredible opportunity to voice your opinions in a way you want, then quit! No-one is stopping you, but I can fully relate to the situation and coming out of it with a new lease of energy. 
What do I recommend?

Take a week off from blogging.  Turn off social media, put your laptop to one side and just rest. Rest can have a real impact on both you and your blog.

During the week off, even though your social media and laptop will be off, your mind won’t be. It’s this period of time your mind is going into overload mode. Without knowing, your mind beings to over-analyse what hasn’t work and even though in many situations this isn’t good, when you’re a blogger this is a really exciting stage. 

A simple over-analysis can open your mind to bringing in new concepts; maybe even a layout. 

A really complex matter, but when these concepts come to mind, you begin to realise why you started blogging and in no time your motivation increases.
Motivation is only a temporary feeling and it’s one that can build and build upon to awaken the little devil inside saying you can’t do it.

Blogging is a great opportunity to motivate, inspire and guide and sometimes when we’re low ourselves, the best thing we can do is hide. Hide away, figure things out and come back stronger than ever.

Think about our journey like a tree…
The roots are our foundation and as we grow, branches will appear, but on occasion leaves won’t appear or they’ll fall off. It’s these moments, trees recuperate and begin their growth all over again. 

Humans are trees!

John Sennett
Founder of John’s Road to Volunteering


John’s Road to Volunteering is a platform to showcase the true power of volunteering. We all have a starting and finishing point, but it’s what we do in between that’ll define our lives. Take John’s Road to Volunteering along for the journey and experience life to the full. 

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