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Sunday, 1 May 2016

I love a good cocktail so when Funkin Cocktails offered to send me a batch of their infamous mixers to say I was more than pleased would be an understatement!!

I last used their mixers on my Birthday last year and was very impressed at how easy they made cocktail making! Nobody wants to mess around with loads of ingredients, separate mixers and shakers....funkin cocktails make it so easy they take all the faff out of enjoying a good cocktail by providing you with a mixer to which all you need to add is your spirit of choice, some lemonade/soda/tonic and you're good to go!! This make me extremely happy and I am so pleased to be able to endorse this brand.
Funkin Cocktail mixers are 100% natural fresh fruit and are guaranteed to be full of the freshest, most ripe fruit which have been sourced from the best places possible. There are no preservatives, artificial colours or colours in these mixers either which makes me so happy as it means I can enjoy my cocktails relatively guilt free!
The Passion Fruit Martini cocktail mixer is a tropical blend of mango, passionfruit and fresh orange juice, it tastes great mixed with rum or vodka and will transport your taste buds straight to the tropics.I served mine with the last of my Bacardi and topped up with soda, perfect for a longer drink. This is one of my new favourites actually.......

This mixer is the ideal ingredient to make one of my most favourite cocktails - Pornstar Martini! Simply fill a glass with ice, add a measure of vodka, top up with Passion Fruit Martini mixer and serve! Remember the shot of Champagne/Prosecco on the side! Perfect! 

 Next up is the Raspberry Mojito a new one to me! This is a fruity twist on the modern minty mojito and one I can definitely get on board with as I'm not a fan of Mojitos usually! It contains raspberries sourced from Chile and Serbia mixed with mint and lime all blended to perfection in this handy cocktail mixer. I couldn't be happier with this one, definitely a winner in my eyes! I love it with Gin topped off with Tonic....Yum!

Another favourite of mine has to be the Elderflower Collins Mixer. Crafted using the finest Sicilian Lemons and British Elderflower it is a unique take on the good ol' Gin + Tonic, albeit with a sharper tang of lemon! I first had it alone with no mixer but found it too tangy so added Tonic and found perfection!! I can imagine sipping this on a gorgeously sunny day, in the garden with a good old fashioned afternoon tea!! Here's to the UK actually getting a few decent warm days this summer.....haha!

I am ssoo happy with all the mixers Funkin Cocktails sent over. I will have had loads of fun making up these cocktails and seeing what spirits we have in the cupboard and coming up with new concoctions! What I love about Funkin Cocktails is how easy it makes being able to enjoy a cocktail at home. Gone is the worry and hassle of professional cocktail makers, no need for fancy shakers, stirrers, sieves....all you need here is a glass, some ice, mixer and the soft drink of choice - usually tonic/soda/lemonade. Each carton comes with handy instructions, giving you an idea of what cocktail you'll be making depending on which spirit/soft drink you add!! The choices really are endless and there's something for everybody! They can all be enjoyed soft as well, simply miss out the spirit and top up with soft drink! Perfection! I love it when the designated driver can be catered for too and they'll not be missing out either as no-one will know they're missing anything out!

So there you have it, a little round up of Funkin Cocktails! I hope you've found something here you like! Let me know what your favourite cocktail is and if there are any here which take your fancy! Be sure to check out their website and say hey on their social media!

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 *PR samples but all cocktail related opinions are my own!

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