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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

5 Father’s Days Gifts for 5 Different Dads

Father’s Day is a celebrated around the world by a variety different countries who wish to honour dads and celebrate the concept of fatherhood. However due to the fact that most dads like to appear a little nonchalant about the day, this often results in a large percentage of people forgetting and having to deal with a sulking father for the rest of the day and frantically phoning around trying to find somewhere that you will book them in for a table at the last minute.

However, we still have just under one month to go until the big day and there is plenty of time left to get your dad something that will actually put a smile on his face as opposed to the usual pack of socks he most likely receives.
With that in mind I have decided to put together this list of Father’s day presents that caters for 5 different types of dads. Whatever your dad’s personality, you are certain to find a few ideas below that will make this a special Father’s day!

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The Designer Dad
If your dad is a lover of all things designer, firstly I would like to offer you my commiserations due to the fact that your bank account is probably more than a little light after every birthday and Christmas.
However, while we all love our dads very much, most of us cannot afford to shell out so much money on a regular basis. It it worth trying to get around this by buying him a more expensive gift that covers a few occasions, like his birthday, Christmas Day and Father’s Day. This could be an item or clothing or a bespoke piece of Kartell furniture; they cost a little bit more but it will be well worth it when you see the smile on his face.

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The Big Kid Dad
If your dad is something of a big kid, then luckily for you there are plenty of options for you to take advantage of online. I am sure that you have heard plenty about something called drones or quadcopters.
These are little remote-controlled flying machines and are incredibly cool! Not only can you fly them hundreds of feet in the air, but you can also use them to film video footage or take pictures. While, this will inevitably lead to you having to watch and listen to your dad’s stories about his adventures, but what else is having a dad all about?

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The Thirsty Dad
If you take some time to think about to when you were younger, you can probably remember one or two times that you drove your poor father to drink. Well, what better way is there to say sorry and thank him for all of his hard work than buying him one of his favourite tipples?
While this is not going to be a difficult present to buy, you should still take the time to research what you are going to buy to make sure it is that bit extra special. While simply wrapping a bottle of his favourite spirit will be better than a kick in the teeth, it doesn’t say as much a luxury or high-end bottle. Your dad really will appreciate the extra care and attention that you have taken.

The Sporty Dad
Whether it be football, rugby, cricket or even boxing, you can be certain of finding something that your dad will love. It makes it all the more-easier if he even plays a particular sport himself due to the fact that you can easily buy him a new piece of equipment.
The fitness tech industry is getting bigger and bigger and today we are inundated with numerous different apps and gadgets to help us track our personal bests and monitor our overall fitness. We have now certainly moved on from this equipment being restricted to counting the number of steps, and now both leisure activities such as golf through to high-intensity sports are now integrating sport and technology.
The Fitbit fitness and sleep tracker will provide him with detailed information for the number of steps, floors and stair climbed, the number calories burnt and how many minutes he has been active. There is also the option to monitor the quality of his sleep and integrate this powerful little gadget with his favourite sport.

Green Fingered Dad
If he never has clean fingernails and disappears into the garden for hours on end, then it is pretty safe to say he takes great pride in his garden or allotment. While you may not appreciate his weekly update about his vegetables, you can will be relieved to learn that there are plenty of potential gifts for you to buy him this Father’s day.
The next time you are over there have a look in his shed and try to find out if there are any tools that look a little rusty and outdated. Or if you are a bit green fingered yourself and know what you are looking for, treat him to some new bulbs or seeds. Another idea worth considering if buying some herbs so that he has a dedicated herb section in his garden, which will be ideal for making those summer barbeques a little more flavoursome.

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