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Monday, 2 May 2016

 Who doesn't enjoy a wax melt whilst relaxing in a bath?? Not me! I love finding new scents to burn and enjoy and these three are no exception. Pumpkin, Cotton and Grapefruit are three scents which just beg you to unwind and relax. They are 3 scents which please me and make me happy upon burning. They burn well and their scent lasts. They smell strongly upon opening their little package and I couldn't wait to get started

They are from a wonderful online company called Rustic Gifts. They can be found on Twitter, selling candles, wax blocks and candles. I'm sure there's a scent you will love because I had a hard time choosing from the extensive list! There's me thinking I know what I like in a candle! I love the shapes of these wax melts as the only ones I've come across before are the roundish ones from Yankee Candle! It's really sweet how each of them are a different shape, colour and scent. Makes them unique and sets them slightly apart from the other wax melts I've come across before. The scent is strong but not overpowering and in the hands they feel soft and slippery.
 As you know if you've read any of my #smallbiz posts, I love finding unique, small business owners who work hard creating their wares for us to purchase. This is one of those businesses and I am very happy to support it.

Click this link to find your way to wax melt heaven. =) You're welcome!

What scent do you like in a candle?? Are you a fan of wax melts?? Please let me know I'd love to start a scent discussion!


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