#BBTag Post #2 - SaySallyMay's Questions!

Monday, 13 June 2016

#BBTag #2 "If you were...." 

  This is the second part of the #BBTag, after being tagged by Tania Michelle in Part 1.  Read my answers to her questions here!

The lovely Sally from SaySallyMay has tagged to answer these "If you were...." questions! I'll admit that these were quite tough and it has taken me a while to come up with the answers, so I hope you enjoy reading them! Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Click the link to read Sally's #BBTag Post =)

"If you were..."

1. If you were a nail polish, which colour and brand would you be, and why?

I would be a gorgeous teal green colour and my brand would be 'Sunshine' to represent how a nail polish can brighten your day!!

2. If you were going to a celebrity movie premiere, which beauty product would be the icing on your style cake to make your confidence soar for the cameras, and why?

OO a celeb premiere ay?!??! Swish!! I reckon it would be a fabulous mascara to make my eyes flutter for the cameras! =P

3. If you were a make up artist, and you could choose only one makeup brand to be YOUR brand to create big, bold, statement looks for the catwalk (think really high fashion styles!), which would it be?

OO dear....uummmm not too sure about this one! Perhaps Rimmel but also I love Avon and it would be amazing for them to have such massive coverage!!

4. If you were a megastar, and were releasing your own signature beauty product, what would it be, and why?

I think it would be a really awesome and powerful moisturiser as I believe it is so important to look after our skin and help to hydrate and prevent wrinkles. It would be loaded with natural/organic/cruelty free ingredients designed to stave off wrinkles and plump up your skin. It would also have a high sunscreen content as it can age you quicker than anything else!

5. If you were a fragrance (Perfume can be beauty too, right?), what would you smell of, and why?

OOO well one of my favourite perfumes is 'Angel' by Thierry Mugler. I love the way it smells of cotton candy and sweets and just reminds me of being young! But I also love Chanel Mademoiselle for the way it makes me feel sophisticated and grown up. So my perfect fragrance would be a combination of these two.

6. If you were a dermatologist, which would be your favourite skincare brand to stock? You can only pick one!

My favourite skincare brand has to be Origins! Packed full of powerful natural ingredients which have helped my skin more than any other brand I've used so it would definitely have to be them! They're awesome!

7. If you were a teen idol, and were hassled on Twitter by all of your fans to help them start their make up collection, which high street products would you kick start them with? You can only pick 5!
Definitely start with a mascara from Rimmel, foundation by Maybelline, eyeshadow by Make-Up Revolution, lipstick by Collection and brows by Benefit!!!
8. If you were a Lush Bath Bomb, which one would you be, and why?

I would be one which has many layers to it and fizzes up just when you were expecting it not to! I'd be all the colours of the rainbow with a hidden centre!!!!
9. If you were a liquid lip, which would you be? Matte, Glossy, or Satin? What have you thought about the latest trends with the sudden surge of lip fame right now?

I think I'd like to be Satin because it makes me think of silk sheets and who doesn't like that!? I think it's brilliant that there's been an upturn in lip products as sometimes it can be a part of our make-up collection that is overlooked and forgotten about. Anything that makes a woman feel great about herself has to be a good thing!

10. If you could only use ONE brand of makeup for the rest of your life, which would it be? What is your most favourite piece from their range?
It would have to be Urban Decay because their eyeshadows are faultless and give incredible pigmentation! Their eye primer, setting spray and foundation are all amazing too and deserve way more hype than they currently receive! Without a doubt their eyeshadow palettes have to be my favourite piece from their range, just incredible!

Thanks to Sally for tagging me to answer these questions, I like how they challenged me to come up with answers that required me to think about them! Now I tag Laura, Charlene, Abbey, Emilina and Bex!!


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