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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Thank You.
Sometimes in this life, we are so busy that we forget to sometimes stop and say 'Thank You'. Two simple words that can have such power, yet are easily and quickly forgotten; or hurried out as we try to get on with our busy lives. So today, I want to take the time to properly say Thank You to those ladies over on my social media who make it a pleasure to log in everyday and check my notifications. =)

I wanted to take some time out of posting review after review on this Blog and instead focus on the good that can come from blogging and making friends online. It can feel lonely at times and like no-one reads your blog or wants to be your friend and you can feel pretty left out of things, whether you want to be or not.

But honestly I have met some really lovely ladies through blogging & on Twitter. I feel so lucky to be able to call them friends, because that is genuinely what they feel like, long-life friends whom I cannot wait to meet off-line!! I feel like our friendships would continue just the same if we did meet, say at a blogger's event or some such...that would be amazing!!!!
Firstly, I want to say Thanks to Rebecca who was been kind enough to answer my plea. I put a cheeky/sad tweet asking if someone wanted to buy me the latest copy of Blogosphere Magazine because I didn't quite have the funds to buy it myself. I had seen it all over my Twitter feed and having a few of the previous issues, I knew exactly what I missing out on!
I couldn't believe that Rebecca had been kind enough to go ahead and buy it for me! It was such a kind & generous gesture for Rebecca to do, without wanting anything from me in return. As you can see in the tweet, she bought it for me because I was so welcoming to her at Thirty Plus! It just goes to show that being kind to others does have its upsides!

So Thank You Rebecca, you put a smile on my face and I am so grateful to you!

 This got me thinking about all of the other kind & sweet things my blogger/twitter friends have done for me and it led me to creating this post. So I hope you like it. 8-)

I have been lucky enough to get to know a few of my beautiful twitter followers on a more personal level after exchanging letters with them. Some have even sent me gifts through the post. This gorgeous unicorn keyring was sent to me by my beautiful friend Issy!

I love her!! She's beautiful!

Thank You Issy.

Another friend, Madeleine, sent me a 'cheer up' gift after I was moaning on Twitter about losing my job! Bless, she sent me a fox necklace, a flower+bird bracelet, a double ended Rimmel lipstick + setting stick and a little pouch of rose scented bath salts!! I couldn't believe it when I opened my package.....for someone who doesn't really know me that well to put this together for me, well, it made me smile more than you know!

Thank You Madeleine.

The cute cat card was sent to me by Claire from Aloha Lola Cards, isn't it sweet?!!?
Claire also designed my gorgeous header and Blog Button (which also feature on my twitter profile!) so very very talented!
Thank You Claire.

The other week I decided to put all of the lovely cards/letters I had received through Charlene's #snailmail project into a frame. I have to admit they do look very pretty on my wall!

Thank you to Issy, Charlene, Sarah, Tina, Madeleine and Abbey.

Thank You also to everyone who sends me a message on any of my social media. It really does make my day and I am very appreciative of every little tweet or comment on my facebook posts. Thank You.
A special mention should also go to Jade and Jo who have been kind enough to send me letters through various #snailmail projects I'm part of. I absolutely love receiving hand written letters and it means so much that these ladies take the time to write to me.
Thank You.

There is nothing better than seeing a message from a friend complimenting you on a post or including you in a #FF! So I say pay it forward sometimes, congratulate that girl on Twitter whose message has been re-tweeted by someone you follow, or surprise someone by leaving a lovely comment on their post. You never know, it could just make someone's day!  

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