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Monday, 27 June 2016

Achieving and Maintaining A Whiter Smile.

 For as long as I can remember I have been after a whiter smile. I have suffered with yellow staining on my teeth all my life and have always wanted to achieve and maintain that perfectly white smile I got after a visit to the dentist. Nothing I used or did seemed to help and the yellow staining would always re-appear. It is only recently that I have finally found the magic formula to a brighter smile and I wanted to share it with you all so you too can have a Hollywood Smile!

Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Floss Sticks!

A few weeks ago I started using a new toothpaste alongside a whitening mouthwash I picked up from Asda when it was on sale! (Buy me here!) I dislike alcohol in mouthwashes as I find it's just too harsh so this one was perfect, especially considering it would also help to brighten my teeth!

The toothpaste I got is from Nu Skin and was given to me to test out by Beckie Eschle. She works for them as a beauty consultant and you can buy it from her but be warned it IS expensive! (£12 a tube! :O) But I do have to concede and admit that it is this toothpaste and this toothpaste alone which has given me a whiter smile! I have used it everyday (twice a day!) for around a month now and the difference is incredible! All the yellowing I had has completely disappeared and in it's place is something I don't quite recognise....I'm not entirely sure what it is in the toothpaste which works where so many others have failed but I am so impressed with it! Even my Mum commented the other day about what I was using...! So it MUST be working!

Yes, my teeth really are that white!!! Yes I AM shocked as I have been after teeth this white for many years........I hated the yellowing I was stuck with when I was growing up, it just made me even more self conscious and I hated smiling in photos. (As well as the fact I hated my mouth in general due to 1 too many teeth, braces and too much gum on show...!) But now I am very happy to smile smile smile!!

To help keep my breath fresh I've been using a mouthwash I got from Poundland! At first I hated as it's quite an acquired taste because it's quite a natural peppermint taste, but it does the job and I will be picking up a new bottle next time I'm in town!

Along side all this are a couple of new products from Den-Tek. A tongue cleaner and floss sticks, both designed to whiten teeth and freshen breath. I admit I didn't floss before getting these floss sticks but they are so easy to use that they have now found a space in my routine! As their name suggests they are gentle on my teeth and clean away food debris from in-between teeth, which can not only lead to bad breath but also detract from the whiteness of the teeth. As they are mint flavoured, they leave my mouth feeling fresh and clean. It only takes 5 minutes to clean in between all my teeth and as an added bonus they don't make my gums bleed! The perfect in between floss sticks I have been searching for!

 This tongue cleaner is also from Den-tek. I've used tongue cleaners before and seen the benefits so I knew I'd have to find time in my routine to use it! This one has a low profile and a narrow design so I don't have to gag to reach the back of my tongue, features 3 cleaning edges and has a fresh minty flavour to help freshen breath. My tongue was quite rank before I started using this and to see instant results right from first use definitely made me want to continue to use it! I finally got to see the pinkness of my tongue....I know ew! But it's all good now I have this in my life I no longer need to worry about it being horrid again!

I'm really loving using all these products to maintain my white smile. I could not be happier to recommend them! I for one will definitely be re-purchasing my Colgate Mouthwash and Nu Skin toothpaste when they eventually run out! I'm not willing to give up this white smile now I finally have one.

Everyone wants a whiter smile and I was so jealous of everyone who had one, I seriously thought that I'd have to do something drastic to achieve it. Now I know I only needed to find the right products to help me get there. I was so self conscious of my yellow staining, I was forever hiding my teeth and thinking that everyone thought I didn't brush my teeth. All my friends had white teeth and there I was with this natural staining thinking something was wrong with me! If only I'd known which products to use I could have saved myself so much embarrassment and stress, which  young me didn't need when I had acne and puppy fat to deal with! life was pretty shit up until a few years ago really and for me, getting a whiter smile is like the last piece in the puzzle of a new, reinvented me. Well, I'm not quite as slim as I want to be but hey, I guess you can't have everything.........

Let me know if you'd like me to write a post on how I got slim with Weight Watchers. I'd like to write about it at some point, I feel like being honest with you guys. Being the fat, yellow toothed, spotty kid in school, college and uni wasn't exactly the best start to my life but in 2006 I turned it around and became the slim, spot free woman I always knew I could be. I've more or less kept off the 2 stones I lost back then and with the help of my Magnitone a good diet I got my acne under control. Now getting whiter teeth it feels like the final piece of a puzzle has clicked into place and I can become a swan. I'd love to know if you would read a post on my weight loss journey. That's all for now. Thanks for reading. xoxoxoxo



*Post contains PR samples, please don't hate me.

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