Meet The Blogger Series - Interview 23

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I have decided to start a new series here on Sunshine Sarahxo after meeting so many lovely bloggers on Twitter I would like to get to know them. So I am going to try to recruit as many as I can as I think everyone deserves a chance to be in the spotlight. =) 

Q1: Hello there, nice to have you here on Sunshine Sarahxo! Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your Blog: 

Hi, I’m Alex- just stating the obvious! My blog is a really mix and match of things, but its main focus is on mental health, with the odd book thrown in. But you never really know what may be mentioned.

Q2: At what point did you decide to make a Blog and share it with the world?? 

It was quite random really, I’ve always loved writing and I think just one day I decided that it was a good idea. Very quickly I then decided to tell my story with mental health, and it has just grown from there. As for sharing it, I made it public straight away, but didn’t tell anyone personal. It’s only been recently that I have shared it with family and friends- best decision!

Q3: How would you describe your writing style? Has it changed over time at all? 

I like to think that my writing style is quite fun and chatty, however on certain posts I get very passionate and it becomes a bit argumentative. But I write each piece as it comes to my mind, and then edit the next day, so my writing style does change a bit from piece to piece. 

Q4: Was there anyone in particular who inspired you? Which Bloggers do you emulate? 

I had two amazing ladies help me when I first started up; Aimee (aimeeraindropwrites) and Justine (GirlGoneDreamer). I don’t think I really emulate anyone, I haven’t done so on purpose at least.  

Q5: Do you have anything in the pipeline on the Blog which you are particularly excited about?!

Yes! One is still hush hush; so keep your eyes peels. But I have also now shared my blog with the local council, including the health ambassador, so hoping to help spread my message to wider audience.

Q6: Does anyone else know about your Blog? What do they think about it?? 

·My parents are now aware of my blog, and are very supportive of it. They believe, like myself, that some of what I have to say could actually come to help people in the future who may be going through similar situations. Friends are also aware, and again support the blog and understand how it is a step to what I want to do with my life. 

Q7: Are you obsessed with Lush!?!? If YES what is your favourite product?!

Sadly no. Really don’t like the stuff – think I might make a few enemies there!

Q8: Has your Blog helped you in other areas of life?! 

It really has, it has really helped me to open up about how I feel about situations- which is very important. But it has also possible opened up an avenue to take my writing further; but I can’t say more than that right now I’m afraid.

Q9: What is it that makes you so fabulous?! 

Aha, not too sure that you could class me as fabulous, argumentatively awkward is more fitting. 

Q10: Finally, can you recommend anything to us today!? (Skincare/Beauty/Tv Show/DVD/Music/Food Item...anything!)

I have fallen in love with Ben Kane novels! I would highly recommend them, as he has a new one being released in March. Film wise, recently saw Spy, with Melissa McCarthy in. Well worth a watch and a giggle! 

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So that concludes our 'Meet the Blogger' for today! Thank You so Much for taking the time to answer these questions today, much appreciated! 

Please take the time to check out the blog/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc, be sure to leave a comment saying you found them via Sunshine Sarahxo Thank You!! 

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