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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I have to review all this...!!

Well hello there!!! I'm back with another New To Review Post! (click the link to read my previous post!) Yes, I'm a blogger with a back-log of reviews and almost no time to write them...!!! with that in mind I'm here to do mini reviews so I can at least breathe a bit and actually get on with trying them out!!! 8-) I'm sat here hoping you know the struggle too....yes we all want products to trial and review but we are only one person and can only trial so many products at any one time...!!! haha.....ok on with the show..!

Mr Blanc and Facetox

I applied via Bloggers Hangout to try Facetox a 100% organic clay mask designed to extract, detoxify and pull the skin. It comes in two steps, the clay powder and rosewater, you mix the two together to form a paste and then apply to your face! The two clays in this
(Bentonite and Rhassoul) are said to improve skin texture, reduce dryness, reduce flakiness, improve skin elasticity/firmness and improve skin clarity.

The FaceTox blend mixed with 100% organic Rose leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and help with eczema. It is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores. Rose Water also helps ageing skin, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. You leave it on for 30 minutes then use a washcloth and warm water to remove.

I have tried this once so far and it left my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth afterwards. Amazing! It did hurt to remove it though and also left it very red and warm! Whether this was because it all hadn't yet set or put too much on I do not know.....I found that 1 sachet of both the clay and rose water - when mixed - is too much for 1 person's face! Ideal if you want to share though! The idea with this is that you use it for 7 days and your skin should be amazing by the end of the week....we shall see. I'm yet to try another sachet after my first experience!!!

Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips.

I got these from the same PR as Facetox luckily! I've had teeth whitening strips before from Doll White so I know how they are meant to work but I've yet to test them out myself! Perhaps I need to have a bath whilst using my facetox stuff as these need to be left on for 30 minutes as well...!

Mr Blanc’s non-peroxide teeth whitening strips are designed to get you that Hollywood smile without causing any damage to your enamel or causing any sensitivity. MrBlanc is a flexible strip that coated with a tooth whitening gel. Designed to conform to the shape of your teeth, the strips work by keeping the whitening gel on your teeth to get at stain build-up on and below the tooth’s surface. I am looking forward to trying them and seeing if they can add to the whiteness of my teeth! 

Henara Shampoo + Conditioner and The Beauty Kitchen's Brightening and Toning Body Wash.

 Henara Shampoo/Conditioner

My lovely friend, Elsa, a PR from Brandnation sent me these to trial and I have been using them for about a week and a bit now....? Although they are designed for brown hair (I have red-ish hair at the moment!) they have been doing a great job at washing my hair and keeping it conditioned. The colour of both shampoo/conditioner is brown as they both have natural henna and walnut in, they have a pleasant smell and both lather up lovely in the shower. My hair is always left soft and silky after usage and smelling lovely. These are available from Savers, so a bonus for us bargin hunters out there!

The Beauty Kitchen - Body Tonic

This was sent to me to review for a #SmallBiz Feature! The Beauty Kitchen believe in 100% natural, 100% effective and 100% affordable products. They believe you should not have to compromise on your beauty products to be good to the environment. Everything is handmade and 100% people tested!

Awaken your senses with this uplifting, rejuvenating, firming body wash, made with renewable, moisturising and skin purifying algae oil. Anti-oxidant and Vitamin C loaded Grapefruit, blends with Lemongrass to help firm and brighten skin. I am very much looking forward to trying this and introducing you to yet another natural beauty product!


Tan Organic, Frezyderm, Delph and Optiat!

Tan Organic - After taking part in yet another Twitter chat held by Look Fantastic for the launch of their Jet Setter Box I was very kindly gifted a bottle of their tan to try, along with a tanning mitt!

Tan Organic are a certified organic tanning brand formulated for all skin types, and ideal for those with sensitive skin. It suits every skin complexion and because its best applied in light layers it gives the flexibility of a build-able colour so you can easily adjust the intensity of your tan to suit your requirements.

Tan Organic products are ideal for those who care about what they put on their skin but want a professional looking self-tan that hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Unlike most self-tans, Tan Organic uses only natural and organic ingredients and are the only fully Eco-certified brand in the world.

I am yet to actually try this but I am very excited to! I have used San Moritz previously and found it very easy to apply. It left me with a natural colour but did have that ubiquitous 'biscuit smell' which all fake tans come with...this Tan Organic one however smells just like oranges!!!!!! Amazing...!! >.< I cannot wait to get started!


Optiat stands for "One Person's Trash Is Another's Treasure". They repurpose brewed coffee grounds from a coffee roaster in London and turn it into coffee body scrubs. They have 3 different 'flavours' including this Lemongrass and Peppermint one!

Clove & Cinnamon - Soothing and Calming - ideal after a long day, helping to relax you.

Lemon & Black Pepper - Cleansing and Invigorating - again best to wake you up straight out of bed!

Lemongrass & Peppermint - Stimulating and Energising - perfect first thing in the morning!

I have used this scrub a couple of times now and I absolutely love it! You can see the oils in this scrub from the moment you open the lid. As with every other coffee scrub, you scrub it onto dry skin, massaging it in then leaving it for 5-10 minutes before washing off! You are then left not only smelling gorgeous but with amazingly soft skin which has been exfoliated, is looking brighter and has less eczema, psoriasis and acne! #Winning!

They add other natural ingredients including hydrating Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, Himalayan Pink Salt (a natural antiseptic) and Brown Sugar (aids the exfoliation process). They never use any chemicals, fillers, parabens or microbeads. Everything is natural and designed to help minimise our impact on the environment.

Optiat really do work hard to ensure they are having less of an impact on the environment whilst still producing amazing products which work brilliantly! Look out for a giveaway in the future featuring these amazing coffee scrubs!

Delph and Frezyderm

Suncream....yeah. Not getting any use out of these lately.....I was gifted Frezyderm after the Look Fantastic Twitter party and Delph from Elsa over at Brandnation. Both aim to protect me from the harsh UK sunshine...haha! Frezyderm has new velvet technology which offers a matte appearance for 6 hours, absorbs sebum and softens the appearance of wrinkles. Its clear, non-oily texture leaves no white tint and makes an excellent makeup foundation. Prevents signs of photo-aging and protects against discoloration caused by sun exposure.
I have no real information on the Delph suncream so I guess I'll have to post my review when I've had a chance to use it...!

Fricton Free Shaving, Hairburst and ORLY!


My beautiful blogger friend Beckie sent me this to review and oh my days am I glad she did! This beautiful rose gold shaver is a beauty to behold. Weighted enough to ensure a good grip, the blades glide over my skin leaving me hair free and wondering why I hadn't used such a grown up razor before now....

The idea behind Fricton Free Shaving is simple, a subscription box filled with 4 shaver heads designed to last you a month. For best results you should ideally change your razor head every week and this way it is one less thing to worry about and it definitely saves you looking at the choices in Boots wondering why shaving seems to be bankrupting you!! (Cheers Venus!)

I have never had such a close shave since I began using this razor....not only does it look gorgeous and oh so instagrammable, it makes the chore of shaving a breeze and a delight. Two words which I never thought I'd say when having to shave! It is beautiful and I am so pleased to finally have my hands on this most converted of razors!



Another gift from the PR which sent me Facetox and Mr Blanc! (I know I know...!) These tablets are designed to encourage hair growth as they are packed with vitamins and minerals. I take two tablets every morning and have enough for a one months supply. I have been taking these for around two weeks now and my nails are looking so good right now! Like almost every nail is long, healthy and strong! Usually my nails are so weak and break super easily so I am VERY impressed with how they're looking right's too early for me to comment on my hair but so far so good!

 Hairburst believes beautiful, healthy skin and hair starts from within. By using safe, natural ingredients in formulas that are clinically tested and proven, they hope to assist the overall health and wellbeing of their customers by spreading messages and information regarding health and beauty.

Hairburst adds all the vital vitamins and nutrients to your diet that your body needs to grow stronger, longer hair. The unique formula has produced fantastic results for our users, reporting hair that appears healthier, thicker, longer, shinier more manageable and faster growing as a result of using Hairburst.

I am very happy to be trialling these and will report back with how my hair gets on, although to be honest, my hair grows pretty quickly anyway! haha!

ORLY Nail Polish.

I was gifted this by the lovely ladies over at Halpern PR and it is known as 'Tennis Ball Neon'. My aim is/was to do a Wimbledon themed post......yeah I have Pimms, strawberries, racquets and balls all ready to go I just need the sunshine...!! I do love it though . It is very bright and very different from my usual colours!

My Boxcitement Box!

This is another mail for my #SmallBiz Series and I could not be happier with it!! This month's theme is Summer and I for one am very pleased with it! Nothing like having 'Hello Sunshine' written over everything to make it feel personalised! Inside this amazing box of goodies I found:

4 postcards
A notebook
Clay ornament
Lunch bag for alfresco dining
Leather wraps for presents
Blank design to colour in

I genuinely had no idea what would be inside my box as Boxcitment don't release spoilers which I find pleasing, as there's nothing worse than accidentally finding out what is inside!

Certainly more than enough to keep me entertained!! Boxcitment are a monthly subscription service, delivering a surprise to your door every month. Stationery, jewellery, simple craft projects, homewares, cards and wrapping accessories. Keep or give as gifts; each item is beautifully packaged and you'll always be prepared. The perfect regular treat - it’s like having a surprise birthday every month! Buy a one-off box or save money with a letterbox-friendly monthly subscription. I love the idea of this subscription box, it's really great to see a box like this out there, something different from the usual beauty boxes doing the rounds. It is idea if you like the idea of them but would prefer a more stationery themed box. I've never felt more like a child at Christmas than I did upon opening this box!! I absolutely love it and would highly recommend you check them out!! deserve a medal if you've got this far...!!! Haha! Thanks ssoo much for reading's taken me long enough to write up!!!!! haha!
Love, Sarah


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