#SmallBiz Series Part 17 - This Material Culture.

Friday, 10 June 2016

#SmallBiz Series!

Hello there! I have decided to start another new series on my Blog, this time focussing on small businesses. Being a blogger I am regularly put in touch with owners of small businesses and it is a really enjoyable part of being a blogger. Whether it be reviewing a product, service or finding a new company which sells fashion at an affordable price, there is often a small team of people behind it, plugging away, putting in the late nights and the early mornings trying everything to make a success out of their little business. I do feel, that as bloggers we do owe some responsibility to them as more and more of them are turning to Twitter and bloggers alike to promote themselves. Plus, I think it's fun being one of only a handful of bloggers lucky enough to discover a burgeoning business and getting to trial some of their products! Or is that just me!? 
I have found all of the business I'll be featuring on twitter, under the hashtag #smallbiz as that is where they were all hiding! To start with, I'll be featuring a couple of the small businesses I've already come into contact with, as that way I hope that a few of you will have already heard of them too!

So if you like finding new places to buy fashion, beauty or a present for your loved one, sit back, grab a cuppa and read on!

Today I want to talk to you about another awesome jewellery company, This Material Culture. It is run by a wonderful lady called Rebecca with a little help from her other half Sam, everything is handmade in Liverpool and they thrive on making quirky and unique jewellery pieces which we can all afford.

For the price of a bottle of wine, you can't actually buy much on the high street, especially not jewellery. This Material Culture want to change this, instead of cheap-made-in-Taiwan plastic jewellery they can offer unique necklaces, bangles and earrings for less than twenty quid. If you want to buy your best mate a 'cheer up, he isn't worth it' present you can! If you want to buy yourself a 'yey, got that job, go me' present you can. If you want to buy your wife a 'we've been together for years but I still like to buy you stuff' present, you can! All without re-mortgaging the house!

Rebecca was very kind and sent out a necklace* for this feature. I went against my gut of wanting the dinosaur one (genuinely will go back and buy it though!) and instead chose the Traveller Necklace.

I chose this because it reminds me of the travelling I did in Australia in 2013-14 and the travelling I would still love to do. I simply love the plane, world and little blue charm you can definitely see the work which went into making it. The plane for example even has little windows carved into it and the world even has little land outlines on it! Cute. It's details like this which set This Material Culture apart from the bog standard jewellery you can pick up on the high street.
This Material Culture is an archaeological term for the stuff of everyday life, the artefacts which help us to paint a picture of the past. Just like the jewellery which Rebecca had created for herself which reflected her interests, likes and personality; This Material create handmade unique interest led fashion jewellery. They offer beautiful, bespoke pieces at affordable prices which allow you to show off your personality and wear the things you love.
One of the best things about This Material Culture, is that they think jewellery can have value without being stuffed with diamonds, it’s about thought, concept and individuality. Rebecca and Sam work with quirky charms, quality glass beads, buttons, vintage toy animals, you name it. Their mission is to allow everybody to own a unique piece of handmade jewellery that reflects their personality. So if you love Paris, there is an Eiffel Tower pendant, Game of Thrones, we have a Mother of Dragons bangle or what about an All of My Heart bangle to say that you care. Personally my favourite has to be the Harry Potter 'Deathly Hallows' bangle! Each piece we make isn’t designed for the masses, it’s for that one person who looks at it and says ‘where have you been all my life?’. 
Rebecca has always enjoyed making jewellery and would often get compliments on what she was wearing, people really loved her pieces and would constantly ask her where she got them and where they could buy the same. This got her thinking, if people loved my stuff so much why couldn't I sell it? She had a look around and couldn't quite find anything that was similar to what she made, it was either crazy expensive or mass produced. After spending some months experimenting with techniques and designs, from their little flat in the centre of Liverpool, Rebecca and Sam started their Jewellery company; This Material Culture.

I absolutely adore my necklace from this uniquely funky jewellery company and I will definitely be buying more from them!

Of This Material Culture, Rebecca says " We are quirky, fun and a little bit geeky, and we think that the jewellery industry is screaming out for  our brand. Gone are the glass cabinets and haughty stares, we want to chat with you, find out what you love, and find something in our collections that you will adore.." I couldn't have put it better myself!
I hope you have enjoyed finding out a bit more about This Material Culture, I know I have! I highly highly recommend you check them out and go say hi on Twitter!

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*PR Sample but all jewellery related opinions are all mine 

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