Update: What's New To Review This Month!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Brief Update: What's new to review!

Hey there!!! I'm back, if somewhat briefly, to update you with reviews I have coming!! Seeing as I've been away, I thought I would do an 'in-brief' post until I have the where-with-all to do individual ones!

Friction Free Shaving:

I was recently sent this from my gorgeous friend Beckie Eschle who now works for them!! I couldn't be happier because I have always wanted to try them out and now I can! I love the razor I was sent too, it will look gorgeous sitting on my bathroom shelf. I love the idea of being sent everything I need for a month's worth of shaving all in the one box! Very convenient and something else we don't have to worry about remembering to buy! I will of course update you as and when I use it!

EatClean Tea:

This came because I'm entering their #SummerOfMatcha competition! Whether i'll actually be to take part is another thing altogether, but I do like my tea and have recently discovered Matcha so we shall see if I like this one! Have any of you entered it too?? I'd love to know you recipe ideas!

Lotil Hand Cream & Lip Balm:

I have used Lotil hand cream before and it worked amazingly well for me and my dry hands! So I was super happy to receive an email from Elsa asking me if I'd like to try out their products! I actually didn't know that Lotil did a lip balm but I'm very happy they do because it has been saving my lips over these last few weeks, keeping them lovely and conditioned. I've used it so much that it's almost finished!! :O I guess that shows just how much I've liked using it, or just how addicted to lip balm I am?! Haha! Either way, this is one lip balm I am very happy to endorse! If you suffer from dry, cracked lips like me, I highly suggest you check it out! The hand cream has been doing a stirling job at keeping my hands from becoming dry and cracked from the amount of times wash my hands during the day! It seriously is the only hand cream which works at moisturising my hands and preventing the dry from setting in! It's hard working stuff and I trust it, not only because it works well but because builders use too! And if it works for them, it will definitely work for me! (And you too I'm sure!)

Veeda Sanitary Products:

Elsa also sent me these natural cotton sanitary towels and tampons to try. I had seen other bloggers review them and was interested in doing so too. Unfortunately the tampons are not right for me but I will endeavour to use the towels as I'm sure they will work! It's important that we take our intimate health seriously and perhaps take a closer look at the products we use during our time of the month =). 

This Material Culture – Travel Necklace / Eclecticult Earrings:

Both of these are for my #SmallBiz Series! The earrings from Eclecticult are based on 'My Little Mermaid' and are absolutely gorgeous! I love the Travel Necklace from This Material Culture because it reminds me of the days I travelled around Australia and the travelling I still want to do. They are both incredibly well made and you can see the time which went into making each individual piece. I adore small jewellery businesses and am so pleased to have found both of these to feature in my new series! Go check them out if you're after unique handmade jewellery items! (@ThisMaterial and @Eclecticult)

LYDC Messenger Bag + Purse:

Chloe sent me this gorgeously funky bag and purse so I could feature them in a giveaway! Haha! I will get around to writing that post eventually.....but if you're interested in winning 1 of 10 bags + purse combos, please leave a comment below naming the 1 item you cannot leave home without!! (Come on, we all know it's your phone....BE ORGINIAL!)

DenTek Whitening Products:

Elsa is responsible for these again.....! (She's awesome by the way!!) A tongue cleaner and whitening floss sticks! I am yet to use them but I'm hoping when I do the whiteness which I am currently enjoying (thanks to some awesome whitening fluoride toothpaste from Beckie!! Thanks girl!) will last! I'm not the most patient person and trying to remember to not only brush my teeth but do mouthwash, floss and clean my tongue is a lot of a morning but I'll give it a go!

Delight Skin Care:

More skincare to review!! I have been using them for about the past month or so and I have to say i'm loving them! They smell incredible but also perform well too, cleansing and moisturising my skin really well. I'm very thankful to have been sent them to review and there will be a full blog post coming soon too! I love natural skincare, don't you?!


So there you have it! A quick round-up of the products I have been sent recently! I hope you enjoyed reading it and are interested in coming back and reading the full posts.....i for one hope you do! Thanks to all the companies here who have been generous enough to send me these products, I really am so grateful! Have you tried any of the products mentioned here?? Do you have reviews I could read?? If so please leave me a comment below! Remember to tell me the 1 thing you can't leave the house without to be in with a chance to win 1 of 10 LYDC Messenger Bags and Purse combos too!! I can't wait to read them!!

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