Vanilla and Custard Cupcakes Recipe :)

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunday Boredom Cupcakes!

So today I was sitting in my kitchen, feeling a bit like everyone does on a Sunday afternoon and I thought to myself, hey, I'll bake a cake! Excellent! But wait...I only had 2 eggs....I need 3 to make a Victoria Sponge.....after a min of thinking 'bummer, I REALLY wanted to bake' I found a recipe which only used 2. Fab! So on I went and got baking!! =)


The recipe was simple, 125g each of self-raising flour, butter and sugar, two eggs. I added in a teaspoon or two of vanilla extract and then whizzed it up. As it was coming together, I added in two tablespoons of custard powder and a splash or two of milk!

I then placed spoonfuls of the mixture in my fancy new silicone cupcake holders from ASDA (only £2! Find similar here) I love them because it makes baking so much easier, no hassle afterwards, simply remove, wash up and you're done! Simples!

I placed them into the Aga for around 20 minutes until they looked brown on top and were cooked through the middle. They smelt delicious!

Seeing as it's Queen Victoria's 90th Birthday, I thought I would dress these with candles and balloons! I like to think that good ol' Queen-y would enjoy these cupcakes with a glass of milk...although perhaps she would prefer a cup of tea?? Either way, these simple and delicious tasting cupcakes are quick, simple and easy to make and taste amazing! 8-)

So there you have it! My quick and easy vanilla and custard cupcakes! I hope you enjoy them! Please do stay around and check out my other cake recipes - I have a few! =P

Let me know if you'll be having a go at baking these or if you have any recipes I should be trying, I love finding new ones!

Shoutout to Courtney from Strawberry Dream for giving me the push to actually photograph and publish this post!! Cheers my little strawb! xo

Happy Sunday!!


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