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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Where is Emma Butler's Life Plan?

Today I'm hosting the lovely Julia Wilmot, author of 'Where Is Emma Butler's Life Plan?'
Here Julia talks about 'Angelic Intervention' and the notion of guardian angels. Have you ever felt like there is someone looking over you and protecting you at all? Sometimes it can feel that way, that the universe has somehow turned on its axis to our favour and the sticky situation we found ourselves in or the tricky question we needed answering all of a sudden is solved or answered. Is this divine intervention or something more? You decide!

 Angelic intervention

In my book, ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan,’ I play with the idea that we all have guardian angels whose job it is to help us in our lives. There are so many books available where people recount stories of their encounters with angels or where they feel that some divine intervention has taken place. Where, just at the right moment, maybe their attention has been drawn to something that they may have felt was a special message to bring comfort and support at a difficult time. Sometimes it is something much more dramatic. In my book the protagonists, Emma And Jack, aren’t really aware of the angelic activity going on behind the scenes, and to be fair it’s probably a good thing as it is a bit chaotic.

I had my own rather strange experience while I was writing this book. Was it divine intervention? Who knows? I was getting towards the end of the book and the chapter that I needed to write next was, in my mind, going to be a difficult one. I hadn’t really worked out how I was going to bring many different strands together and I felt rather daunted by the thought. So for a matter of a few weeks I kept finding other things to do.

I was procrastinating, very much in the same way Emma does in the book when she doesn’t want to start calling her contacts looking for a new job. In the book she even organises her spice jars into alphabetical order. Well I think I did a bit of that and much else besides. The days went by and I kept avoiding my desk and my computer. I knew this next chapter was going to be tricky and I just didn't feel up to the task. My friends saw more of me than usual and people started asking me how I was getting on with my book. I just smiled and said it was almost finished. I didn't let on to anyone that I just couldn't bring myself to sit down and get over the next hurdle. Is this writer’s block? Maybe.

At some point this procrastination needed to end. I really wanted to get my book finished. It had been a long time in the making and I had got so close to the end that I wasn’t going to stop now. So one day I gave myself a good talking to. I told myself that the only way this chapter was going to get written was if I just started. That’s all I needed to do, start and the rest would follow. So with some renewed enthusiasm I flicked up the top of my computer and opened the file. Guess what? There was the chapter I had been dreading writing, all nicely finished. I read through it nervously, feeling a little lightheaded, but there it was, all quite beautifully resolved. Divine intervention, or just a very bad case of memory loss? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Where is Emma Butler's Life Plan?

Emma Butler doesn’t know it but she is about to get bit more angelic help than she was banking on. Someone has messed up, or have they?

It appears that Emma is about to be ‘recalled’ to heaven but has completed none of the tasks she had set herself for this life time. They must be completed before she is recalled and time is running out. Arch Angel Gregory decides to take over. He will be her Guardian Angel to ensure it all gets done.

There’s a lot to do and a very short time to do it in. Gregory is determined that it will all be completed by hook or by crook. But where does that leave free will and what about Jack who has been chosen to be Emma’s love interest? How will this impact him? Jack and Emma have no idea what is going on, but it’s not going to be plain sailing.




To celebrate the launch of this book, I am hosting a giveaway in conjunction with Julia Wilmot. We are giving away 3 copies of Julia's book in paperback! All you have to do is enter via this Rafflecopter widget below! Best of luck!

About Julia Wilmot:

Julia Wilmot began her exploration of the spiritual life as a teenager at school. She was fortunate to meet a wonderful family who all practised Transcendental Meditation (TM) and her future was set. At the age of 15 Julia learnt TM and felt she had found her path in life. She was so sure that this path was the only one for her that she decided not to go to University and study law as she had previously planned but to devote herself to teaching TM and working within the charity that teaches the technique.

At 20, Julia was one of the founding members of a 300 people strong TM community in Skelmersdale, Lancashire and at 28 Julia became the Centre Chairman of the largest teaching centre for TM in Europe, which was based in Central London. Teaching Transcendental Meditation to people from all walks of life.

Julia began this novel in 1995 but it remained in a drawer for many years. She came across it again in the early 2000s and fitting in with becoming a mother in 2002 it took until 2015 to finish it.

Julia currently focusses her attention on her writing, blogging and looking after her family. Forty years on and she still practises TM, as do her husband and son and they live in the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire, UK.



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