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Friday, 22 July 2016

Big Life Ramble.....

Hey, I'm not really sure what this post is even going to be but I'm calling it a 'Brain Dump' a rambly post which kinda maybe hopefully makes some sense and one where I don't have any specific topic in mind. 

I've been out in the garden recently making the most of the gorgeous summer weather we've finally been blessed with and helping out as it was time for the weekly lawn mowing to occur and believe me when I tell you it's an all afternoon 2 person job! Especially when we've been away for a week and the grass has doubled in length....aarrghhh! I hopped onto 'big mow' and dealt with the paddock whilst Dad waited for the other 2 lawns to be dry enough to mow. 

With there being no wind it took longer for them to dry so after I'd finished the paddock he helped me pile the cuttings into bags and stack them up ready for him to take to the tip once all the mowing had been done. A sweaty job when it was so hot! Eventually Dad started up 'little mow' and took to the back lawn. A little light weeding of the bank in the paddock with Mum saw us clear it completely of weeds, in readiness for the big job of cutting the laylandi hedge the next day. Eventually we finished up and took a big rest with a nice cold glass of water! 

After lunch it was time to head to Tesco to stock up on food and pick up a few bits for a bbq. Getting into the car felt like stepping into an oven.......the air con came on full blast and we were soon cool enough to go. Days like that Mum wishes she still had her convertible! We arrived at Tesco and parked close to Oldrids to have a little wander around at their new furniture layouts. With a new flat to furnish we're on the lookout for a statement lamp, side tables and cabinets. Whilst in Harrogate last week, we had already bought the new kitchen table + accompanying 4 chairs (with removable covers!). 

After a while we stepped back outside into the glorious sunshine and started our shopping. A look around the home section enabled me to find the frame i wanted was on offer so it was quickly snapped up, along with a new radio/alarm clock for the Harrogate flat. (£6 if you're interested! Frame was reduced to £3.80!) Soon enough we were heading to the food section and ticking items off our list. A selection of bbq food was found at 3 for £10, garlic chicken skewers, minty lamb kofters and pork and pepper skewers. Delish! I was getting hungry already......=)

The picture was one I picked up in Bath during my sister's hen weekend! From a company called 'Bertie and Jack' it features a horse's head cutout and placed over the map of Australia and New Zealand. I love it as it reminds me of my travels, it was all hand made to my specifications on the spot and was a very reasonable price. (Find them on Twitter)

Apparently, apart from a brief bbq way back in March, this was the first time the bbq had been properly used! Shocking when you think about it really! Whilst we were out, Dad cleaned up the patio area and the bbq itself all ready for dinner alfresco. There really isn't anything better than dining outside and eating bbq food, it always tastes just that little bit better, don't you think?? I certainly do! I made some veggie skewers too and they turned out really well! Mum had picked up some Carte Dor vanilla ice cream and an 8 pack of Magnums (Classics) and so we tucked into a magnum each after dinner. It was so good.....working up a sweat earlier had its benefits!

Eventually it came time to go to bed and attempt to sleep.....hard enough at the best of times without the humidity adding to the mix.....UGH! Anyone else just wanna set up a swag on the lawn and sleep out under the stars??? Because I do!!! 

The following morning came and with it the job of acting as clean up crew for Dad as he cut the laylandi hedge! Never fun but with 3 of us it wasn't too much of a bind! >.< Just the inside this time as the ladders Dad needs to do the outside are up in Harrogate. Plenty of breaks ensured we didn't die in the heat of the day, as well as drinking lots of water! 

It didn't take too long and soon enough we were finishing up and taking showers! 2 in a day, it's a new record! haha! They were definitely much needed though...nobody wants to be that sweaty mo-fo in the corner with no friends.......! >.< 

The second bbq of the week and we had left overs from the previous day and something new. Dessert was the carte dore ice cream with raspberries and blueberries....! YUM! Oh and a meringue! So tasty and ALMOST healthy! haha! =P 

I'm only 100 odd pages away from finishing my latest book, 'The Fireman' by Joe Hill, a Sunday Times Bestseller! I found the recommendation in last month's Cosmopolitan magazine and I am so glad I picked it up from Harrogate library! It's really well written and has me gripped, wanting to find out what happens to our heroine....I may even do a review on here when I've finished.....

I have 4 other books out from the library which I need to read: 'All At Sea' by Decca Aitkenson, ' 'One Day' by David Nicholls, 'Am I Normal Yet' Holly Bourne and of course, 'Me Before You' by Jojo Moyes. I am loving the fact I can read bestsellers for free from the library......I have literally (or literary!? haha!) discovered so many books and authors through it and read so much since the beginning of the year..I absolutely love it! Do you find the time to read? What are your favourite books/authors? I would love to know I may even find a new favourite! 

Well, I think I've rambled on enough here.....let me know your thoughts, do you like this kind of 'brain dump' life ramble post?? Leave me a comment or two and let me know!! =) 

Love, Sarah

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