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Monday, 25 July 2016

A Trip to IKEA!

On Sunday 24th July I went to IKEA for the very first time! Shocking I know! How can I call myself a blogger if I've even been to the home of Alexia drawers and Muji storage!?!? :O 

Naturally, the first stop was to get ourselves a to love IKEA tea!!!!! 

Suitably refreshed, we hit the isles and started snooping!! I loved how it was all laid out and how each room was dressed to make it look like a real room, rather than just a show piece. 

It definitely helps you to visualise these pieces in your home and almost makes you feel like you're wandering around someone's rather stylish house! hehe! I can see why so many people like coming here =) 

Testing out on of their 'day-beds' which actually was really rather comfortable! Although I'm not really sure it belonged in a kitchen, unless you do REALLY like breakfast in bed! haha! I kinda liked everything I saw in IKEA and want to buy a house just so I can kit it out in furniture from here......

This sofa was especially comfortable!!!!! =) 

I loved this idea of having postcards and pictures surrounding a big map of the world....

All I want to do is travel the world......I love this canvas print....#yesplease #takemethere #travel

This light fixture was rather quirky and would be loved I'm sure by many a camera enthusiast or youtuber...!! 

Do you think we got enough stuff?!!??!? hahaha!!!

Before long, we'd walked all the way around, paid, put everything in the car and made it into the restaurant!!!! Of course, how could I go to IKEA and NOT try their meatballs!?!!?! 

And yes, I also HAD to have a slice of their Dime bar cheesecake.........I can confirm that this whole dinner was absolutely delicious and very cheap!!!! 

Yes, I loved my day out, it was great to spend time with my two BFFs (Sarah and Leanne!) without their children in tow! We all agreed that it's really important to ensure they can refresh and re-boot and I couldn't agree more. It may seem odd to think a trip to IKEA could do that, but secretly we all actually really enjoy looking around home stores and home sections of Next, ASDA etc, so why not go to IKEA where we can enjoy spending time together whilst indulging our secret?! =P 

Onto my mini IKEA haul: 

All this came to less than £4!! YES £4!!! I still can't believe it.....!! :O 

I purchased a print 'Life is an adventure'  3 tumblers and a can of pear cider! 

Do you enjoy IKEA for the same reasons as myself and my friends?? What is your favourite part of this Swedish furniture store?? Tell me what your last purchase was! 

Love, Sarah

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