Guest Post #4 Being Thankful

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Guest Post From John Sennett

Back in June I wrote this post about being thankful and it's had such an amazing reaction, I have decided to ask my beautiful blogger friends to contribute their own 'Thankful' Post to carry on the theme. Today I have John Sennett (read his previous guest post here) with his own take on 'Being Thankful', please read, enjoy, comment and send him some love. Thank You John....

Thankful to the blogging community

Before I ramble on, look who’s back! It’s my second time guest blogging on here and I want to thank Sarah for inviting me back.  If you didn’t check out my first guest blog, I’m John, known as the BFG and I’m the Founder of John’s Road to Volunteering. 

John’s Road to Volunteering is a platform used to utilise 26 bloggers life stories to inspire, motivate and educate others in the community. I started writing in 2014, but only really found the blogging community towards the end of 2015, and boy how did I miss it? 
Millions of bloggers around the world, share their personal stories and life’s likes, yet until you find the community, you never really understand how much you can be thankful towards other bloggers. 

There have been times where I’ve crumbled, not in a blogging sense, but in my personal life and who has been there for me? The blogging community.

The blogging community is much more than a million bloggers, it’s a large family. 
If you asked how many friends I’ve made since connecting with others, I wouldn’t be able to count them all and even though I wouldn’t class many as my best friends, as I’m still getting to know them, to know that strangers can give me the time and day to listen to my problems is unbelievably nice.

You don’t expect this from others, but it’s something that doesn’t just happen to me, but to someone every day. Blogging is much more than just a ‘hi, I write a blog’, it’s a community full of love and desire to help others. I think we should take the time to help others when we can and maybe one day, we’ll receive some love back.

I’m so glad to be part of this community and I’m sure many people reading the blog can resonate with what I’ve said.
After all, Sarah showed me love by allowing me to guest blog today. 

If you’d like to show me more love, you can check out my blog on and all my links are on there.

Thanks again Sarah for allowing me to share this experience with your followers. 
Love, Sarah

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