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Friday, 8 July 2016

I tried Jimmy's Iced Coffee! #Original

So I finally did it......I tried my first Jimmy's Iced Coffee!! Shocking I know!! :O In my defence, my local Tesco has only JUST started to stock them.....I've been searching for what feels like months to no avail, so when I spotted them on the shelf, I went straight in and bought both the Original and Mocha versions! I couldn't wait to get home and taste them!

First to try was the original...why not start with the best right?

Made with 61% British semi-skimmed milk, 36% Arabica Coffee and demerara sugar, it is the perfect combination for a silky and refreshing drink. I admit I am not the first to choose to drink an iced coffee, but one sip of this I am a convert to Jimmy's! It does not in any way taste just like coffee left to go cold and just whizzed in a blender with ice! It doesn't have that obviously 'coffee' taste...everything just blends perfectly. I had mine with ice and it was delicious!! I cannot recommend it enough!

So in case you're wondering who the hell is Jimmy...let me fill you in!
Jim Cregan was travelling around Australia and Tasmania with his girlfriend Sophie. For a year they travelled together, surfing, seeing the sights and generally enjoying life. Whilst over there he became addicted to iced coffee and began writing to the companies of these amazing drinks to see if he could franchise them back in the UK.
Sadly for Jimmy they said no, but undeterred, once back home he got his sister Suzie involved and for hours they worked in her award winning café, making many different concoctions to try and replicate the taste he had found in those Australian drinks.
Eventually, in November 2010 they struck gold and Jimmy's Iced Coffee was born! The first carton was sold in Selfridges on 11th April 2011 and the rest, as they say, is iced coffee history!
You can now find Jimmy's stocked in several locations including:
Waitrose, Selfridges, Ocado, Whole Foods, Tesco/Express, Nisa and Welcome Break plus many BP Garages up and down the country!!

With its blend of coffee, milk and sugar this is surely 330ml of blended perfection. I urge you to try it for yourself as you too may just be converted like I have been! I am looking forward to trying the Mocha version as well as their Skinny and Decaf cartons as soon as I see somewhere which stocks them. If you're lucky, I may even bring you more reviews...!
 With their tagline - Keep Your Chin Up #KYCU, this British based, family owned brand surely has far to go!!
Grab one today!!
Love, Sarah

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