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Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Lake Dream Cross Body LYDC Bag!

So I was reading Sharon's blog at the weekend and saw she'd done a 'What's In My Handbag' Post and I suddenly thought, 'I could do that and show off my new LYDC Bag!' So here it is, I hope you like it!!

Yes, little puss decided she wanted to be in the photos today......but anyway onto the bag! It is a Lake Dream Cross Body Bag in White. It features textile panelling, a flap with inner zip fastening, zip pocket to front (which doesn't open fyi!), slip pocket to the back, fully lined interior, interior slip pockets and an interior zip pocket.

It is the perfect size for summer, big enough for the essentials, but small enough to beg you to leave the kitchen sink at home! After doing this post I think I'm going to have to re-evaluate just what it is I REALLY need!! ahaha....
So, the bulky items which I'm planning on taking everywhere:

NOPE Notebook from Siobhan!

I won this and a whole bundle of notebook goodies in Siobhan's giveaway!! I love them all, this one especially as this is how I feel most of the time! hehe! 8-)

Rose Gold Purse from Primark

This is an old one, about a year old now and I actually have no plans to change it, which is rare for me as I'm usually always changing it around! A testament to how good it is I guess!


Not sure where these are from and with my track record for losing sunglasses at an all time high, I am surprised that I still have these to be honest! >.<

Shopping bag!

Enough said if you live in the UK.......this has to be the best £1 I have ever spent! It has saved me a load of times and I always ensure it is in my handbag!


Not something I usually carry but with the weather now appearing to be summer-like I thought it best to try and carry one at least! This is the sure motion sense invisible black and white one. It is my usual day to day deo and I also have a roll on version, which I should switch this one out for, with it being smaller!

Hand Cream

This could be any one really, it just happens to be the Garnier 7 days restoring hand cream for dry and chapped hands. I've mentioned this and the accompanying body moisturiser here before as it is an old fave and I love how quickly it absorbs into my skin and how my skin/hands feel after use!


A mirror from Fleur's make-up range. Every girl needs one and why not have one as cute as this one?? 8-)


So I found these items hiding away at the back of my bag in the zipped compartment:

Gerard Cosmetics lip gloss in Serenity - a beautiful brown shade, non sticky, non drying and my perfect shade of nude.

NARS Lipstick in Mindgame - another brown/nude shade but one I do not use! I honestly do not know why it's in here....

Fleur De Force lip gloss in Lucky Star - a gorgeous red shade which is long lasting and non sticky. Love her make up line and have her eyeshadow and another lip gloss!

Chanel lipstick Joli Rouge in soft berry - first off this smells INCREDIBLE! :O So fruity....i haven't used it much, due to its sheer prettiness......I also have another shade of this joli rouge set too!

Collection Moisturising Lip Butter in Perfect Plum - this has to be the creamiest, silkiest, most luxourious lip product I have ever used! Plus the colour is amazing too!

Lotil lip balm - can never be without a lip balm and this is the current fave!

Benefit Roller Lash - a teeny tiny mascara sample which I've had for a while but can't bear to throw's my fave!

Seventeen Waterproof mascara - I bought this when I didn't have any's been in my bag ever since! Good to have a back up though!

New Look 'Pure Devotion' Perfume - a nice enough scent and small enough to be kept in my bag for top ups!

(I also have a packet of Dequacine Lozanges in case of sore throats!)

The bag also features an adjustable strap so you can wear if across body or on your shoulder. Ideal if you quickly want to switch between the two! I find I usually wear it across body as it feels safer and more secure that way. Plus it allows my hands to be free of carrying stuff!

 Clipped to the end here I have a smiley token! Perfect when you need a £1 for a shopping trolley! Having him here means I am not going to lose him and he is easy to find when I need him!

I'll leave you with another pic of little puss.....!!!!

Thanks for reading, tell me in the comments what you keep in your handbag!

Love, Sarah

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