21 thoughts I had whilst watching the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony....!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Yes, Rio 2016 is finally here and the Olympics are underway. Not sure how many of you stayed up to watch the Opening Ceremony, but I thought I'd share a few thoughts I had whilst watching! 

  1. OK, am I going to stay up and watch it all??? I am recording it....OK, seems like I am....
  2. Right then, let's get this started, great commentary so far......
  3. These graphics are cool aren't they?! Looks like they're telling the story of creation.......
  4. Ok, let's see who else is up watching it.........right seems a few of my twitter friends are still awake........
  5. The audio visuals on this are stunning....have I already said that???? Well, they are!
  6. I love how they've included the animals......
  7. WOW, that reference to slavery.......they've come a long way since then...but it's good they included it....
  8. The way they've made it seem as those these free runners are running across actual buildings is so clever!! 
  9. What?! Free running will be included as an Olympic sport in 2020.....awesome!!
  10. Loving their national dance and song.....seems they're bringing carnival to the Olympics!
  11. Ok Gisele's here......don't really know why but here she is....and she's walking........walking.....still this all she knows??? 
  12. She best be careful in that dress otherwise it'll be arse over tit and a whole loada labia on show......and nobody wants that!! 
  13. It's great that Rio are concentrating on how they can make this games greener.......every competitor has been given a seed to plant.....that's 11,000 trees people!
  14. Woah, that climate change/global warming part was touching and so relevant......
  15. Right ok, the athlete's are coming in......great, they're using an old alphabet and no-one knows if we're G or U.......
  16. ......this could be a very long night they're coming in with a kid holding a seedling.....cute!! 
  17. Love those bikes.....where can I get me one of them?? 
  18. Let's hope Andy puts on a smile on his face tonight.......!! 
  19. YAY!!!! We're out.......just as I was about to go to bed!!! Go #TeamGB!!! 
  20. SSOO pleased they've got a refugee team at this Olympics....!! They've been through so much just to get to a new country...good for them for getting here!!!! I really hope they do well. 
  21. So pleased I'm recording way I can stay up till 4AM!! :O 

What did you think of the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics 2016?? 

My friend Hailey Jade Ryan from Undateable Girl had a few thoughts: 

My friend Bronagh was live tweeting the Opening Ceremony:

Emmie from @carpediememmie said:

My friend Tori @pinaforesposies said:

And I think we can all agree that Tonga had the best flag bearer of the night!!! Thanks to @TODAYshow Australia for this!

The main message from Rio's Opening Ceremony is one of Brazil's heritage, diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Anthony Howe's vision for the famous flame was one where the sun and wind should be more widely exploited as energy sources.  "...our cauldron is a hybrid which moves itself through wind and reflects fire" 

This looks to be one of the best Olympics yet, I for one will be cheering on #TeamGB AND #TeamAustralia as I have an unhealthy love for that country and really want to see them do well! Are you excited about it?! What thoughts did you have about the Opening Ceremony?!? Please share them below!!!! #Rio2016

Love, Sarah

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