The Most Weird and Wonderful Cafes in Melbourne!*

Monday, 8 August 2016

Melbourne's Cafe Culture!

Whether you're into long blacks, or half-strength piccolo lattes, Melbourne is the place for you. The coffee culture, not only in Melbourne but Australian wide has been thriving in the last 5 years.

It has brought to our shores some of the best quality coffee beans, new coffee mixes, and world class baristas. Although, if you’re looking for the best hot beverage, Melbourne always steps it up a notch; from pussy cats to prisons, Melbs is filling its streets with some of the wackiest, but also most amazing cafes

The Kitchen, Weylandts, Abbotsford

Melbourne hipsters continue to flock to The Kitchen, Weylandts for their famous ‘Deconstructed Coffee’. Although served in three separate beakers the coffee speaks for itself and is one of the nicest blends in the area. Dig into the Well-Being Breakfast it’s a gift to both the eyes and the pallette. The Kitchen aims to please, with delicious and colourful food.

The Cat Cafe, Melbourne CBD

Australia’s First Cat Cafe will definitely get your whiskers tingling, with fourteen gorgeous felines crawling and jumping around. All adopted from various shelters around Melbourne, The Cat Cafe serves as a reminder to all about the sheer amount of animals abandoned yearly. Enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee, and snack on various biscuits and cakes whilst being climbed on, and purred at by these beautiful cats.

Jam and Cream, Heidelberg West

Want to reminisce about the weekends spent at your grandmas? Jam and Cream is the place for you, undies hanging on the window sill, florals and pastels draped everywhere, and a yard out the back home to two chickens ironically named Omelette and Sunday Roast. You can have high tea in an adorable pink caravan, or just have a cuppa inside. Everything at Jam and Cream has been meticulously picked to help you fondly remember your time spent baking with your lovely Nanny, and we love it!

The LIttle Mule, Melbourne CBD

Are you a bike enthusiast and a coffee drinker? We’ve got you covered. The Little Mule doesn't only have freshly baked pies and pastries, it also has custom bikes. These bikes are the pièce de résistance, doubling as both a creative feature and a retail point.

Bike lovers rejoice, you can actually purchase the bikes hung on the wall. If that hasn’t got you hooked, The Little Mule boasts free WiFi, learning nights and creative workshops. You can also hire the space, and they provide the coffee, how wonderful? Arrive between 7:30-9:30 weekdays for cheap coffee!

Jury Cafe, Coburg

Making Top Ten in the world for best designed cafes hasn’t caused Jury Cafe’s standards to drop at all. Jury, as per the name was built within Melbourne’s infamous Pentridge Prison, now closed, but once home to the infamous Ned Kelly. It’s ethically sourced beans, and excellent baristas make Jury not only unique, but phenomenal quality.  

Rudimentary, Footscray

Rudimentary mixes contemporary culture with community attitudes creating the ultimate Vietnamese Brunch fusion. Prepare your taste buds for the explosion of flavour in their small batch coffee, and treat your inner horticulturalist with the stunning herb garden. This beautifully lit space keeps customers in touch with nature.

Set up in three used shipping containers guests are treated to a delicious range of food, in a funky community setting. A stand out meal being the red rice pudding, coconut whip, and ginger and mango crumble.

Whether you want to drink your coffee like a scientist, measured in different beakers, or guzzle a warm cup of tea in a place that reminds you of your Nan, if you’re in Australia, Melbourne is the place to be. Filled with some of the most eclectic cafes in the world, and some of the most beautiful architecture, wandering the streets of Melbourne will flood your body with culture. From street art and delicious food, to museums and high tea, Melbourne has got it!

*Guest Post but I wholeheartedly agree with all of these!! 

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