Guest Post #5 - Being Thankful

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Remembering to Stay Positive Through Difficult Times

Back in June I wrote this post about being thankful and it's had such an amazing reaction, I have decided to ask my beautiful blogger friends to contribute their own 'Thankful' Post to carry on the theme. Today I have Melissa with her own take on 'Being Thankful', please read, enjoy, comment and send her some love. Thank You Melissa....

There are a lot of things to be sad about at the moment. Every day we hear awful stories about terrorism, violence and hatred that are enough to make anyone start to lose their faith in humanity. It feels like Britain is, for lack of a better way of putting it, in the midst of a political shit storm following the results of the EU referendum, and it’s hard not to be fearful of the uncertainty that lies ahead. On top of all of this, each and every one of us is fighting our own battles that maybe no-one else even knows about. Life is hard, and I’m sure I can speak for every person reading this when I say that there are some days when all you feel capable of doing is hiding under your duvet and refusing to come out.

Personally speaking I’ve been going through a difficult time recently and I’ve been working hard to overcome some mental health issues and get myself back to the person I used to be. It’s felt like an uphill struggle and a losing battle at times, but I finally feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve learned to value myself and cherish the little things in life that bring me joy. This is largely thanks to some amazing people who I’m immeasurably grateful for. This post is a tribute to them.
I’m thankful for the family I’ve been lucky enough to find and choose for myself over the years. My best friends who are like the siblings I never had, who’ve laughed and cried with me and helped me make so many amazing memories.

My wonderful, patient husband, who has always supported me, no matter what. The man whose return from work I await eagerly each day (not unlike an excitable puppy!), and who I look forward to falling asleep next to each night. The gorgeous, funny weirdo who understands me and makes me laugh, who mumbles gibberish in his sleep and buys me Kinder Eggs to cheer me up (because I’m basically an eight-year-old!).
And then of course there’s the family who officially became my own the day I got married, though I called them family long before that. The kind, generous people who welcomed me into their lives and treat me like one of their own. They have shown me nothing but love and support over the years and I feel so lucky to have them.
I’m thankful for the doctor who offered me nothing but support, compassion and a big box of tissues as I sat crying in his office. He listened and gently asked questions as I told him I was feeling overwhelmed and needed help. Then he looked me in the eyes and told me with unwavering certainty that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. ‘You will get better,’ he said kindly and with such confidence that I had no choice but to believe him. I’ll never forget how good it felt to hear those words.

Thank you, I hope that everyone who’s struggling is lucky enough to have a doctor as caring, patient and understanding as you.

I’m thankful for the counsellor who has listened without judgement, made me feel safe, and even cried happy tears with me. She’s helped to guide me through some of the most difficult months of my life and I’m honestly not sure where I’d be without her.
Thank you, you’ve taught me so much. It’s thanks to you that I’ve learned to value myself and found my strength again. I hope you know what an amazing job you do and how much you’ve helped me.

I’m thankful for the music that’s broken through the silence of the night when I’ve been unable to sleep, or blasted out of my speakers when I’ve been driving to a counselling session. Nothing calms me quicker than soft classical music washing over me, or lifts me up quite like a bass line vibrating through my chest and drowning out my worries.
Thank you, both for calming my racing thoughts and lifting me up when I’ve felt low.

I’m thankful for finding my passion. Starting my blog was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Writing has been such an amazing outlet and my blog has connected me to so many interesting people. I’ve been offered some great opportunities recently and while I’ve got no idea at this stage how successful my blog could be, I’m just excited to keep having fun with it and see where I end up.
My message to you is this: if you’re struggling, reach out, whether it be to friends, family or your doctor. You are loved and cared about, and things will get better. Make time to do the things that help you relax and bring you joy, because looking after your mental health is as important as taking care of yourself physically. Treat your ‘me time’ as an essential part of your day, like brushing your teeth or eating, because it is important and you deserve it. And finally, if there’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, take the plunge and just do it. Start your blog, sign up to that dance class, join a band- whatever it is, just go for it. I promise it will be the one of the best decisions you ever make.
In difficult times it might be hard to see, but there is always something to be thankful for. Please believe that and don’t forget it.
Love, Sarah

Melissa is a lifestyle blogger based in sunny Bournemouth, UK.  Geek Magnifique covers everything from wedding planning, TV and movie reviews, to mental health.  When she's not blogging Melissa can usually be found destroying her husband at Mario Kart or trying to cuddle other people's cats.  If your camembert has gone missing she's probably your prime suspect.

Come say hi on Twitter (@geekmagnifique), she's always up for a good chat!

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