Guest Post #6 - Being Thankful.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Being Thankful: For What's Around You

Back in June I wrote this post about being thankful and it's had such an amazing reaction, I have decided to ask my beautiful blogger friends to contribute their own 'Thankful' Post to carry on the theme. Today I have Katie with her own take on 'Being Thankful', please read, enjoy, comment and send her some love. Thank You Katie....
One thing I am so grateful for is where I live. I grew up on a farm in Northumberland, a county in the North of the UK- and I don't think I ever really realised when I was growing up just how lucky I was. 
When I was younger I begrudged living on a farm, really just because most of my friends didn't. I didn't realise how fun (and definitely unique) my childhood was- playing with cows, riding my pony through the countryside & going on cute woodland walks with my family and the dog.

My idea of home really changed when I went to university in Liverpool (FYI fave city ever). I realised just how lucky I was to come home to the countryside- and all of it's peace and beauty. Northumberland is a county that is known for it's castles and coasts, but it also has some great spots for literature lovers.
Here's a little tour of some of my favourites spots in Northumberland. I am very grateful for each and every one.


The beach is one of my favourite places to go- whether just to take the dog, or go on a walk with a friend. There's something about being near the sea that is almost cleansing. It's such a relaxing and peaceful place, where nature helps to put any problems into perspective. I always leave feeling very refreshed. We're definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches in Northumberland. These are two of my favourites places along the coast.

Howick Cove

Amble Harbour


There are also a lot of castles in Northumberland. I pass Alnwick Castle almost every day. It is such a lovely piece of history and it also helps that Alnwick's claim to fame is that it was used as Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter!

Alnwick Castle 

 Cosy Places

There are also a lot of hidden gems for literature lovers - these are my two favourite spots.

Barter Books

Barter Books is my favourite place to escape and read. It has open fires in the winter which make it so cosy and it's also got a very interesting history. The building was once used as a Victorian railway station and the Keep Calm And Carry On posters (allegedly) originated from here.

The Lit & Phil

The Literary and Philosophy Society is technically in a different county, but I couldn't help including it! This is another special place I go to have quiet time- it's located right next to Newcastle train station, so after work when I have a wait for my train home I come here and read my book. It's a little sanctuary that helps me switch off from my day at work.


There are a lot of countryside walks on offer. These are two of my favourites.

Simonside Rothbury 
Simonside is a hill in Rothbury that has gorgeous views over Northumberland.


Cragside is a National Trust property, which is surrounded by gorgeous rocky gardens and woodlands. It is one of my favourite places to have a day out. It's a massive and magical space. I spent a lot of my childhood going here with my grandma, and I don't think I'll ever have seen it all.

Sometimes you forget to explore and really appreciate what is around you. I'm so lucky to live somewhere that has so much natural beauty and lots of peaceful spots- something that I definitely take for granted at times.
What's one thing about where you live that makes you grateful? 
Thanks for reading and thanks to Writing & Rambling for having me. If you'd like to check out my blog Kaleidoscope Peonies it would be lovely to see you. To see more of beautiful Northumberland check out my insta :) 

Katie x

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