Guest Post #7 - Being Thankful.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Being Thankful

Back in June I wrote this post about being thankful and it's had such an amazing reaction, I have decided to ask my beautiful blogger friends to contribute their own 'Thankful' Post to carry on the theme. Today I have Steph with her own take on 'Being Thankful', please read, enjoy, comment and send her some love. Thank You Steph......

There is so much out there in the world that everyone should be thankful for. Whether it is something big or something so small, we should all appreciate what we have and be thankful for it.
Whether it is to our parents who gave us life or the person who smiled at you in the street because they saw you was having a bad day, we should be thankful that (sometimes) other humans can make us feel thankful.
I am personally thankful to my parents who still support me at 20+ years old and still make sure I am warm, safe and fed. They are my parents who love me unconditionally and still strive to make sure I am protected every day of my life. I don’t ever think there will be a day that will go by and they do not call to check that I’m OK.
I am thankful for everyone I have met in my life. Even the people I wish to forget. They shaped me to be the person I am today and if I didn’t meet them, maybe I wouldn’t have met that person who cares about me now. I think everyone in my life has either taught me a lesson or taught me how people should be. Either way, they have influenced my life.
I am thankful for that one person who offered me my first job. Without that part-time job, I couldn’t be where I am now. They offered me a job off the back of a voluntary position at my University, which then increased my chance of me getting my first full-time job. Now I am in a secure job and feel that if I didn’t get that initial chance, I wouldn’t be here now and may not have met the people I have along the way. The people I still cherish and see on a daily basis and am thankful for.
I am thankful for so much in my short time on this crazy planet, where hate is still present. Even those who do wrong in the world are thankful for something, but being thankful sometimes gets overlooked.
We should all take 5 minutes out of a day to appreciate what we have and be thankful for it. Whether it is your parents, that person who smiled at you on your low day, that friend who text you out of the blue to say hi, that you have a place to sleep, somewhere to eat and that you are safe and surrounded by family who love you and friends who care about you, we should just stop what we are doing and appreciate all that we are thankful for.
Not everyone in our world can be thankful for this much, and we should recognise that we will always have good things in our life, even when we can’t see it ourselves; they do still exist and we have to remember that.
That’s just my interpretation of what being thankful means to me. 
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