Guest Post #8 - Being Thankful.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Being Thankful

Back in June I wrote this post about being thankful and it's had such an amazing reaction, I have decided to ask my beautiful blogger friends to contribute their own 'Thankful' Post to carry on the theme. Today I have James and Jess from Food and Baker with their own take on 'Being Thankful', please read, enjoy, comment and send them some love. Thank You both..

Thank you Sarah for giving us this opportunity, which starts us off with being thankful for the blogging community.

We've been blogging for a while before we jumped onto the social media, which we thought would boost our view count - little did we know, we would gain so much more than that! We've come across so many welcoming and supportive people, being active and communicating with other bloggers was not something we'd ever thought we'd do but we're so happy we did - Charlene (@blogabtnothing1) was actually our first ever blogger friend and still is! She has introduced us into a whole new world of the bloggersphere and we are truly grateful for that! Since then, we've been more open to Twitter chats (@Cbeechat) as well as being introduced to Sarah herself, who is super supportive and leaves such wonderful comments on our blog!

As cliche as this will seem, we are also very thankful for each other, for many reasons more than the obvious ones. Without each other there would not be 'Food & Baker', we would not have these meals and experiences together to be able to share it with you wonderful people!

Through the obstacles we've gone through, we've always managed to get through them together, as a team!

This year we are most thankful for the milestone we have taken in our relationship - moving in together - after a year and half of travelling 2 hours each way via train and only seeing each other every two weeks, we are thankful to those who have supported us and helped us through this transition.

We are truly thankful for what we have and the journey that we're taking to our next adventure together!

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