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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Yes I've been rather absent haven't I!?!?!?! Well if you didn't know, I have very recently started a new job working as a cleaner/pot washer at a famous pizza chain in Harrogate and this has left me feeling rather exhausted of a night, this means my blog has been rather neglected....uummm, sorry about that!!! >.< 

Being a cleaner/pot washer can be quite demanding especially when the restaurant's busy and the back area is piling up with plates, glasses and the cutlery tub is overflowing....! 

If any of you have worked/do work in this industry then hats off to you because it certainly isn't easy! I have so much more respect for waiters, chefs, pot washers...everyone! I am enjoying it though, my team-mates are hilarious and always make me laugh! Much needed when we're up against it! There's one chef in particular who I always have a bit of banter with....he's there most days and always talks to me, today (Saturday) he made a joke about liking melons.....and I'm not talking about the fruit! 

Anyway, as soon as I'm settled in I'll be back into some sort of posting schedule again...although I can't promise how often i'll be getting a post up! Lemme tell you about the reviews I have coming up, that should be more exciting for you!!

Just Bee Drinks 

These guys make amazing drinks using only spring water and a single drop of honey! They're trying to #SaveTheBees by sending out a packet of seeds with every order for you to plant in your empty drinks container! Brilliant. I can't wait to taste test them and bring you the results.

Sunkissed Rio Travel Make-up Palette

Sent to me by my friends Rachel & Elsa from Brandnation this travel make up kit has everything you could need for your face whilst having the luxury of being small and light!

Wiley's Finest Fish Oil Tablets 

Again sent to me by Elsa & Rachel, a supplement to take which aims to improve your heart and brain health. Still taking them so we shall see.

Henara Haircare 

Shampoo and Conditioner. Used and loved. Photos taken, just to write the review!

Carmex Orange and Mango lip balm 

Kindly sent to me by the lovely ladies at Halpern PR. Expect to see it featuring in a post soon!

Lobster Homeware 

I have very kindly been gifted an apron to test and review for you. Featuring crazy patterns, an adjustable neck and detachable oven mitts, this promises to be one apron which I'll use over and over again!

Make Memento 

Another one for my #smallbiz series! They have created a Memory box for me and I could not love it more if I tried! Hand painted and finished with my own choice of wording, it is a box which I will treasure forever and one which I cannot wait to talk to you about. Please stick around for this post, it's going to be great one!

Organic and Botanic Skincare 

A brand new skincare brand who have only just launched! I have a night cream and an oil to test and review. You'll know that I adore my skincare if you're a regular reader and I always love finding new brands to test out!! Results soon!

Kiehl's Skincare 

I took part in a twitter chat with these guys and gave them my details for them to keep on file and perhaps send me products out. I cannot BELIEVE I'm lucky enough to be sent out their products to use........I am loving the skincare I have been using and will be writing up my post soon!!!!!

So there you have it, just a little update from me and some teasers about upcoming posts...I hope you stick around to read them! I'd love your feedback!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday!!!



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