Everyman Cinema Preview Night!

Monday, 12 September 2016

I have just returned from seeing 'The Jungle Book' at the new Everyman Cinema in Harrogate and I have to say I am blown away, not only by the service and the friendliness of the staff, but also the incredible interior and decoration. They have gone above and beyond to bring film to life. Everywhere you look there are film posters and film photos on the walls. The stairs leading upstairs to the bar area and screens wouldn't look out of place in a 1920s film with a leading lady in a dazzling ballgown walking down to meet her prince. It is an added piece of opulence which helps to transport you to they hey-day of film. As a film fan myself, all these elements yearn to be looked at and talked about as much as the film you are there to see too. The bar area is spacious, with funky coloured and patterned sofas and chairs, begging you to sit and stay a while before and even after your film. With seats on the balcony overlooking the streets below, there is space enough to enjoy the warm weather whilst sipping on an Old Fashioned cocktail or chilled glass of white.

As part of the preview night, not only did I get a complementary ticket but I was also given two casino chips to exchange for one complementary drink, snacks and one meal. It was such an unexpected and lovely surprise I couldn't wait to head upstairs to choose.

I went for an Elderflower Spritz (RRP £7.50) and tortilla chips with guacamole (RRP £4.50) as it is one of my favourites! I was a bit overwhelmed whilst ordering at the bar but the barmen were great, extremely friendly, helpful and willing to load me up with snacks! I wasn't going to argue with them I was kindly given a box of honey roasted cashews (RRP £ 3.95) and a mix of salt+sweet popcorn (RRP £3 sml £5 lge). I was (and still am!) incredibly happy, not only with the choice available but with the generosity of the team behind Everyman Cinema! This is how you do a preview night and put yourself on the map in the world of entertainment. Incredible!!

As if that wasn't amazing enough, the screen I was in looked so inviting and comfortable with sofas instead of chairs and cushions inviting you to settle down in comfort to enjoy your film. With the added benefit of ordering food and drinks at the bar and having them delivered to your seat it is the ultimate in luxury. Being able to drink whilst watching your film is what most other cinemas have been lacking and it most definitely makes a night of going to the cinema. With double and single seater sofas available you can be sure you and your partner or friend will be in comfort throughout and it is lovely to be able to properly snuggle up with your loved one whilst enjoying the film. The sofas also feature a small circle table upon which to put your food and drinks and on bottom the chairs in front there is a little ledge which is either a good place to rest your feet or place your empty food tray!

I can now say that these sofas are in fact very comfortable and are the perfect place to rest yourself and get ready to enjoy your chosen film. I am very much looking forward to going back there again and again and again.....!

With this new cinema opening in Harrogate, it feels like it is bringing new life to the golden age of cinema and inviting everyone to be a part of it. Once you step inside the doors it is like you are transported into a film and you are the star! 

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Have you ever been to any of the Everyman Cinemas? What was the last film you saw?? Have you seen The Jungle Book?! 

Love, Sarah


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