A Just Bee Drinks Review!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Water With One Drop Of Honey! 

We all want to grab a quick drink at times when we're thirsty and on the run or just too damn lazy to make a proper one! But with all the drinks on the market it can be difficult to pick a good one which is going to cure our thirst the best and which one has the fewest calories! 

Step in Just Bee Drinks who make little cartons of spring water, sweetened with just 1 drop of honey from our favourite insects, bees! We all know how important bees are to pollinating not only our flowers, but crops which feed us too. Imagine a world without bees and it would be a very drab, colourless and hungry one! Have you ever seen 'The Bee Movie?' Well, it would be exactly like that......not one I want to live in for sure! Bees help to pollinate up to 5,000 flowers a day and travel 55,000 miles to make just 1lb of honey! Incredible! 

Inside the hive, there are mainly the worker bees, the Queen (who all the workers, 'work' for!) and male drones who will compete to mate with the Queen, only 20 of which will actually be successful! The worker bees evict them at the end of the autumn as they do no work and do not contribute to the success of the hive. If you think being a Queen Bee is a good life, consider this: throughout April and May she will lay day and night with each egg taking just 20 seconds! That's over 2000 eggs a day...more than her own bodyweight...! Eepp!

Just Bee Timeline:

So we all now know just how important bees are to nature so let's chat a bit more about Just Bee Drinks: 

In January 2014, friends Joe and Andy had the idea of making a healthy drink using honey as a natural sweetener. Joe's Dad was the beekeeper and wanted to help save the bees and so Just Bee was born! 

March 2015 after a year of testing and development, the first batch was made...! 

In April 2015 the only thing missing was the Joe and Andy set about visiting as many trade shows as possible to get their name and product out there to the masses. 

In June 2015, Fortnum and Masons and Selfridges start stocking Just Bee Drinks. By September, Joe had won a coveted Innovation Award at the lunch! trade show! 

March 2016 the new look is May their wildflower campaign was in full swing with a Granny picking out hundreds of seeds for them! Go Granny! =) 

June 2016 the worker force expands and welcomes Sally, Hannah, Andy and Grainne and they open their first pop up store in the Old Street tube station! 

July 2016 and Just Bee drinks are seen everywhere, in London parks and at yoga September Waitrose and picked up on this newly expanding British business and starts stocking them as part of their backing British campaign. 

The only way is up for this burgeoning British business! 

Honey Facts: 

Honey is made up of glucose, fructose and water and up to 180 different minerals and vitamins! So you COULD say, that it's good for you....! 

The honey that Just Bee uses comes from nectar collected from gardens, meadows, trees and farmland which means that each nectar is unique and contains traces of dandelion, hawthorn, chestnut, lime and assorted wild flowers; producing a mild and mellow flavour.  All collected from beekeepers in Britain and Europe.  Lovely stuff....can i get a jar to spread on my toast please?!?!? 

Onto the actual drinks themselves, they come in 3 flavours: Lemon and Green Tea, Apple and Ginger and Blueberry and are all less than 50 calories per carton! Brilliant stuff! I haven't actually tasted them yet as I was doing the whole 'Can't open the until I've photographed them' thing which us bloggers always tend to do.....thing is I've had these for about 3 weeks now.....but trust me, after writing this I'm going straight home to drink them! ahaha! They are all refreshing and with only a single drop of honey you can't really go wrong!

To help the bee out, with every order Just Bee send out a packet of seeds for you to plant yourself. I personally think this is a great idea and would be great to do with the children....! Simply save your empty carton, carefully snip around the edge, add compost, place in the seeds, cover and water! You're on your way to helping out the bees and keeping our flowers pollinated. You can also go onto their website and get yourself a packet without spending any money. All they ask is that you send them a SAE to help them cover their costs! Brilliant idea I say.....let me know if this is something you would like to do and perhaps I can start a series on here where you all send me pictures of your little seeds growing?!?! It would be great to let Just Bee know just seriously my readers/followers take saving the bee!

Have you heard of Just Bee before?? Are you looking for a new drink to satisfy your sweet tooth without additional calories?! Want to help save the bees!? Pick up a carton today! Now available from Waitrose! A 3 pack will cost you £4.99 from their online store

Thanks for reading and please lemme know any funny bee related stories/jokes in the comments below! 

Love, Sarah

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