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Friday, 9 September 2016

As you may (or may not!) know, I have recently started working as a pot wash and cleaner at an Italian pizza restaurant in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. It wasn't a job I would ever have thought of doing before, but finding myself unemployed again for the 3rd time I knew I had to start looking for other jobs so when I saw this job advertised I thought 'why not!' I have now been working there for 17 days but it feels like much longer! (That's double shifts for you!)

Anyway, I thought I'd just let you in on a few secrets/home truths about the poor pot wash who works behind the scenes at every restaurant and ensures that you all have clean crockery, cutlery and glasses!
  • It's hard, sweaty work and when the restaurant’s busy, is usually the worst place to be apart from the kitchen.
  • It is always worse back there in Summer than Winter.
  • Just when you think you're FINALLY getting through the mountain of plates, glasses and cutlery, the chef from the kitchen will bring through a tub's worth of their bowls, spoons, plates and trays, just to piss you off even more.
  • Starting a late shift is by far the worst shift because there usually hasn't been a dedicated pot wash in between times and the cutlery tub will be overflowing, the glasses all need cleaning and there's a party of 5 year olds screaming the place down.....!
  • It always takes longer than you think to get through everything at the end of the night. You might have just gotten through all the plates and cutlery, but you know you'll have to clean everything from the kitchen before you can start closing up for the night!
  • You start to hate customers who NEVER use their little dish of sauce on the side of their salads or with their dough's not pleasant and really winds you up!
  • Same with the ones who never finish their teapot full of what is even the point?!
  • Whenever there's a mistake in the kitchen or an order goes on waste, you're the first person it goes to....great if you're especially hungry throughout shift!
  • But on the flip side you can be too busy to even eat a bite or even have a drink!!!
  • The free food is a massive bonus but it can be hard to decide what to have....pasta, pizza, dough balls, garlic bread........decisions decisions...!
  • Your team mates are the ones who get you through each and every shift, their banter, the fact they care about you and trying to decipher what the hungarian's are saying will keep you entertained for hours!
  • Working behind the scenes of a restaurant really opens your eyes to how everything is – or isn't – made and you begin to wonder why people come at all!
  • Working to close and then again at 9am the next morning is a killer and you pray that the afternoon isn't too busy so you don't have to work so hard..!
  • Sometimes being the only girl on shift has its perks especially when you have to follow said guys back into the pot wash area after putting out more glasses/cutlery.
  • Your manager jokingly telling you you're the light of his life at the end of a late shift; despite the fact he'll be reminding you about a couple of things you missed whilst closing up! It will make everything better and put a smile on your face!
  • You treasure days off or late starts because it means you get to sleep in until the afternoon without feeling guilty!
  • Sometimes it can feel like you're drowning when you don't have the time to re-stock the kitchen with plates, the bars with cutlery & glasses and keep on top of everything! Times like this you wish you had your own runner who could fetch & carry for you!
  • During your shifts you'll come across team mates who are genuinely helpful, restocking the pass with plates without being asked.
  • Sometimes there can be perks to working in Harrogate, namely getting to go to the new Everyman Cinema for free before it opens to the public!
  • Your team-mates help you through each and every shift despite how hard it is. They are genuinely the reason you go to work and you'll start to really enjoy seeing them everyday!

So there you have it, just a few home truths about being a pot wash in a busy restaurant! I hope it was eye opening for you and you consider them when you next go out for a meal! Have you ever worked in the restaurant/hospitality trade?! I'd love to know!

Love Sarah


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