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Monday, 19 September 2016

Dreams Come True With Kiehl's!

This picture proves that dreams do come true!!! Well, in the blogging world anyway! By now I'm sure you're aware that Kiehl's held a #KiehlsBlogs Twitter chat and very kindly gifted those who took part a few of their products to test out and review. And that's exactly what I'm going to do for you here so sit back, grab something chilled and read on!

I have always held Kiehl's in the highest regard and have loved them from afar for as long as I've been a blogger, which is about 4 years! I never thought I would ever get the chance to try any of their products, either through my blog or by purchasing them myself because they are quite expensive and there are better alternatives on the market which I could try instead. So you can imagine how I jumped at the chance to talk to them via twitter and get myself onto their media list, even that made me oh so happy! As I'm sure it would for you, too! I nearly fell off my chair when an email landed in my inbox, wanting confirmation of my address so they could send me a couple of products to test out! :O's what I received!

Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream – Broad Spectrum SPF 30. (50ml)

“...with Beech Tree Extract, Jasmine Flower Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate. Visibly lifts, firms and re-texturises skin.”

Another winner! I love the smell of this cream as it has a lavender scent about it which instantly relaxes me so I have been using it at night to help set me up for a good night's sleep. It has the consistency of a night cream but that doesn't mean it sits on top of the skin without sinking in. It simply sinks in after a little time spent rubbing it in which you do with a night cream. Saying this though, you could of course use it as a day cream without it feeling heavy on the skin. The SPF 30 protects you from the sun's harmful rays which we know is all kinds of good! (Find The Best Suncream For You here with my helpful post!) I highly rate this moisturiser if you're looking for a product that could multi-task as both a day and night cream whilst helping to address many visible signs of ageing including loss of bounce and youthful contours, prominent lines and wrinkles, texture imperfections and lacklustre complexion.

Available online here and retails at £49.50

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisturiser

With Salicylic Acid and extracts of cinnamon bark and ginger root for oily, blemish-prone skin....Blue astringent herbal lotion, this oil-free moisturiser is absorbed quickly and penetrates pores to help clear blemishes so skin appears healthier. An additional balancing effect allows the formula to mattify skin, reducing the appearance of pores and leaving skin with a matte, hydrated appearance and texture. This non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) formulation helps prevent new blemishes from forming.”

I love this moisturiser! It may look odd because it's blue in colour but don't let that put you off because it works absolute wonders at preventing blemishes from appearing. Whilst I have been using this I swear that I have not had any new spots forming on my chin; which is where they usually collect. This is due to the salicylic acid; which is an important ingredient to look for in products which claim to help prevent blemishes or even get rid of them. This light moisturiser goes on easily, sinking into the skin without delay and allowing me to get on with the rest of my routine. It does not have a weird smell that you have to get used to, so you can use it as liberally as you like without fear that you're going to smell like some sort of weird herb garden all day!

As my skin is now slightly on the drier side, I find that this moisturiser clings to the dry patches, whilst delivering a hit of moisture, much needed by my dehydrated and parched skin! It really nourishes my skin and once applied I know that my skin really appreciates it and I think this moisturiser is the one I've been waiting for, much like the rains in the desert lands of Africa are most welcomed! I also love how well my skin has been behaving and not developing new blemishes!! For me this is amazing because of how my skin has been in the past. If I knew about this years ago, I would definitely have snapped it up!! Thanks Kiehl's!

Available online here and retails at £26.50

Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate (Eye Cream - 15ml)

Clinically demonstrated to noticeably decrease the appearance of crows feet and sub orbital wrinkles. Visibly brightens the eye area and minimizes dark circles.” With 10.5% pure vitamin C and Haloxyl.

This eye cream is quite different to ones I have previously used as it has a different texture, one which feels like it disappears as soon as I rub it in. Whilst this is good, it doesn't feel as hydrating which is what I want from an eye cream as my eye area always feels dry and I notice immediately if I haven't used any! Whilst I am not saying this isn't a good thing, quite the contrary as I'm sure it's just the texture which is confusing me!

After application of this super concentrated eye brightening cream my eye area did feel moisturised and smooth although I can't say for sure if it helped with my dark circles! I would recommend this eye cream though as I definitely enjoyed using it and will continue to finish my little bottle of it. Perhaps I just need to get out of the mindset of eye creams being hydrating to fully enjoy this concentrated version from Kiehl's.

I do like how it comes in a little bottle with a pump which makes application so easy and means you don't accidentally squeeze out too much of the product which can lead to wastage. It is small enough to take away with you and doesn't go over the 100ml limit for flights, which makes it perfect to take on-board to use mid flight.

Can be purchased online here and retails at: £39.00

Kiehl's Creme De Corps Body Lotion (30ml)

Superb all over body moisturiser of superb quality for extremely dry or flaking skin. Enriched with the finest ingredients known to Kiehl's, for a rich, elegant skin texture. Continued use for 10 days will provide a skin texture heretoforee unattainable.”

This body crème is quite thick to what I'm used to, even with the body butters I've used in the past. It was quite hard to squeeze it out of the bottle and I had to use both hands which kind of defeats the point in my opinion! Perhaps this is because it is a small bottle and therefore the mix is quite hard to get out of the smaller hole in the top of the bottle. Aside from this though, the actual body crème sinks in easily enough and leaves my skin soft and moisturised. With the added vitamin C I would say does add that little extra hit of moisturisation that you'd be looking for but if I had to choose between this and say a Body Shop body butter I'd go for the Body Shop one everytime. I'm sad to say this but I just like my body cremes so sink in quickly and easily even if they are slightly on the thicker side. But I wouldn't not recommend it if that is what you like though! It worked well enough but after finishing this bottle it is not one I'll be putting on my wishlist!

Available online here and retails for £8.50

So you can see I had quite a mixed bag with the products from Kiehl's but that doesn't mean I'm turned off the brand, quite the opposite in fact! There are so many products from their line I would like to try, mainly their Midnight Recovery Concentrate Facial Oil and the Daily Reviving Concentrate I love facial oils and have heard so many great reviews that I'll definitely be putting them on my wishlist i.e. my birthday/christmas lists! I would like to once again thank Kiehl's for being so generous as to send me these products to try I have enjoyed them immensely and will definitely be back!

Have you heard of any of these before? Is Kiehl's a brand you'd love to try!? Are their any products I should definitely try that I haven't mentioned?! Please do let me know below! 

Love, Sarah

*denotes PR samples but as usual all opinions and photos here are 100% mine!

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