Lobster Homeware Apron Review*

Friday, 23 September 2016

Meet The Geraldine Apron!

If you know me, or have had a read of my previous posts on here you'll know that I love to get in the kitchen and whizz up a cake or a batch of cupcakes. To do this successfully I need an apron and not just any apron, oh no, I need a Lobster Apron!

Featuring integrated oven gloves, a height adjustable neck and a small pocket for mobile phones and tea towel holders this apron is like the swiss army knife for aprons! It has all you could ever need, for you to successfully get creative in the kitchen! I chose this particular one because of the colour! It just stood out to me in their online store and I knew it would brighten up baking time!

The idea of the removable oven gloves is just fantastic because I'm sure as everyone knows, you put them down for a second but can never remember where and you end up grabbing the tea-towel to get the baking tray out of the oven, and BAM! You end up burning yourself! This has happened too many times to count but with Lobster it is a thing of the past! Secure them to the apron with Velcro and store inside the pockets, or leave them hanging free by the side, safe in the knowledge they're within easy reach when needed. Can also be used as a heat mat once detached, saving counter tops from being scorched and you running around trying to find something to place the hot dish upon! 

The stretchy elastic to which the gloves are attached allows you to easily reach into the oven without being restricted. They can also be hidden behind the apron by undoing the two poppers on the side, allowing you to show off this gorgeous apron in all it's glory.

Another fabulous feature of Lobster aprons are the poppers on the neck which make it instantly height adjustable, meaning you can have one apron for everyone in the house! Whether you are tall or short, simply move the popper along to the required number and voila! One perfectly sized apron!

 What I love about this apron ( i mean, apart from EVERYTHING!) is how thick the ties are! All too often they are too thin to get hold of and do up properly and they either end up in a knot you can never untie or are so loose the apron never stays on! Thankfully this is a thing of the past with Lobster as each apron comes with thick belt ties which are guaranteed to never get knotted or come loose. Finally!!

Always losing track of your tea-towels? Can never find it when you need to answer the phone? Two loops for your right or left handed pleasure feature on every apron! Bonus! 

The more I write about this apron, the more I'm loving it! They have thought of everything and really have made their aprons like a swiss army knife! Each of their aprons are made of cotton and have a thick texture which provides security when getting messy in the kitchen, but with the knowledge that it can be thrown into the washer should the worst happen. I feel like this beautiful apron, featuring colours of the Dominican, will last me a lifetime because of the quality of it. Never before have I had such an apron and I feel like there's a whole lot more baking in my future because I now have this apron in my life! 


 This apron retails for £25 and, in my opinion, is worth absolutely every single one of those pennies. It is an investment piece which will serve you well and allow you to fully concentrate on becoming a domestic goddess in the kitchen. (If that's what you want to be of course! It will also make a fashion statement, if that's what you're into!) 

I am looking forward to getting stuck into my new cookbook from The Hummingbird Bakery 'Life Is Sweet' whilst wearing my new apron and seeing what new creations I can come up with!

Each apron is handmade to order and are all made in the UK and delivery is between £4-£5. An absolute bargain for what you get. So go on, support this British business, help get them off the ground and buy yourself a Lobster Apron today! You will not regret it! 

Have you heard of Lobster before?! What do you think of my new apron? Do let me know!

Love, Sarah

*PR sample but all opinions and photos are all mine!

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