The Wave - A Guest Post by Lochan Bloom

Friday, 7 October 2016

What was your writing process for The Wave? And what does writing mean for you?

I started writing The Wave with a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve and detailed synopsis for some sections but other chapters I just started writing notes and they grew organically.

The novel is split between different narratives and I wanted to write something that is never quite comfortable for the reader. There is a distance with writing and reading that you cant really achieve in any other art form.

If you look at a painting or listen to some music there is an immediacy, a real, instant feeling you get from your senses that writing can never capture.

Literature instead is this weird cryptographic-artform where you stare at a page of symbols and ‘something’ starts to appear in your mind that is not directly linked to any sensation.

Writing is at a double remove – hidden behind this process of deciphering hieroglyphs - and I think that is what gives really good literature that almost dream-like quality.

Love Sarah

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