#BoxofLame - Autumn 2016

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Here is the Autumn 2016 #BoxOfLame! A thing of wonder......I went for the Big box which retails at £21, there are two other boxes - Blogger £25 and Small £15. So there really is a box for every budget! 

I love how Chloe took the time to hand write a little note to me, it shows that she really does follow what I've been upto and care about what is going on in my life! She also put in a drumstick sweet and a small bag of malteasers, but uumm, yeah, they went pretty quickly! haha!

As you know, I adore everything from thatlamecompany does, from their gold prints, to their positive quote cards. they are always bringing out new products which I just have to get my hands on......(read my other thatlamecompany post!)

So what did I get in this Box? Well, let me tell you!!

- 2 gold prints
- 4 quote prints
- 1 notepad
- A to-do list
- A pencil with 'make it happen' in gold
- recipe cards
- a cactus print
- A 'shoulda woulda coulda' pad
- You Have Mail Postcards 
(Chloe sent me one of these along with a print I purchased and it made me smile A LOT! The mutual love we have for each other was evident and it always makes me happy when a company notices how supportive you are. being told I was one of the most positive people on her Twitter timeline really made my day, thanks Chloe. xo)
- A Rudolph hairband
- To Do Post It Notes

So basically a whole lot!!!! That Lame Company have also teamed up with eleven amazing online shops to bring us this awesome box, these shops are:

I love how Chloe and Charlie always seek out the very best from Etsy and bring them to us in their boxes. I'm not sure I would find them otherwise actually!! I can't wait to have a snoop round their shops and see what other awesomeness awaits me!!

I love absolutely everything in this box and I am so pleased I managed to get my hands on one! How Charlie and Chloe manage to find the time to actually make all these, write handwritten notes, package them all up and then stand in the queue at the post office; all whilst having full time jobs is beyond me really! Incredible! They deserve all the love and praise in the world, not to mention your custom on their amazing website! ( 

It goes without saying that Chloe and Charlie are exceptional people, always having the time to answer any queries or questions, always being there to full fill orders on their shop; not to mention all the times they've been kind enough to send out extra prints to me when I've perhaps missed a promotion. This kindness just oozes out of them and it's no wonder everybody loves them!! It is hard being a blogger sometimes but thatlamecompany make it a little easier to get by with all their incredible products. 

You can find all these products in their online store now to purchase separately if you don't want to purchase a whole box. Everything is incredibly reasonably priced and will be sent out to you with amazing care. Their packaging is pretty cool too! There seriously aren't enough words to describe my love for this stationery shop, safe to say I will be purchasing another #BoxOfLame when the time comes.

Please go and support all of the wonderful independent shops I've mentioned here, because without us they wouldn't be able to make our stationery addict dreams come true! Go grab yourself a box today!!! 

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Love, Sarah

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