Organic and Botanic Skincare #Review

Monday, 10 October 2016

Organicand Botanic are a new skincare brand who are not only vegan but organic too. I was contacted a while ago asking if would like to try out some of their skincare as they saw from my blog that was what I was interested in. I was very kindly sent their Madagascan Coconut Rejuvenating Night Moisturiser and their Energising Facial Serum in the same range. I've been trying them both out and am now ready to give my review. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've loved trying the products!

MadagascanCoconut Facial Serum (67 Euros) 

Geranium flower oil works to even the skin tone and complexion, reducing irregular pigmentation, whilst acting as an antibacterial and antioxidant.”

Seabuckthorn fruit oil aims to promote skin hydration, elasticity reducing uneven skin tone and skin regeneration, whilst calming inflamed and irritated, or sensitive skin.”

Neroli oil aims to improve skin health by improving elasticity, reducing uneven skin tone and visible blemishes.”

I have loved trying this facial serum. As many of you will know if you're a regular reader of mine, I have big love for Trilogy'sRosehip Oil. I have several posts on here featuring it and how muchit has helped change my skin, if you haven't tried it, get your hands on a sample now and be ready for changes because it's that good! 

Anyway, back to O+B, this facial serum smells divine, thanks to the coconut scent and applies so easily, instantly sinking in and hydrating my skin. Perfect if your skin is slightly on the dry/dehydrated side like mine is! My skin has drunk this up and not only has it helped to reduce my acne, but also the underlying inflammation which was quite red and visible. In my book that makes it a keeper! I highly suggest you give this a go if you're looking for something to not only hydrate but also help to reduce the inflammation caused by acne.

 It does not leave my skin overly oily nor would it exacerbate already oily skin; in fact I believe it would help give your skin the nourishment it needs. The fact that this facial serum is organic and vegan just makes it even better. I am coming around to more and more natural skincare products as I believe you don't need a bottle full of chemical nasties to achieve the same results. Plants, by nature, are healing and gentle on skin so it makes complete sense to use them. You know exactly what you're getting and can be certain (to a point) they will not irritate your skin. And of course, this means less harm to bunnies which is brilliant because no-one wants to harm bunnies!

MadagascanCoconut Rejuvenating Night Moisturiser. (67 Euros)

Tiare Flower is well known for its nourishing benefits, helping to bring intense hydration to the skin.”

Coconut oil helps to regulate dry, itchy and sensitive skin by balancing the skin's natural pH levels”

Seabuckthorn fruit oil aims to promote skin hydration, elasticity and skin regeneration whilst calming inflammed, irriated and sensitive skin”

AS you can see these two are made to work together and they do oh so well. You hydrate and nourish with the serum and then layer up with the night moisturiser, thereby ensuring your skin is getting the maximum amount of nourishment and hydration whilst you sleep. Everyone knows that your skin works hardest at night, so it makes sense to help it along with these two amazing products. I swear my skin has never looked or felt better since using these two in combination. 

This night moisturiser is very light and is non-comedogenic, sinking in quickly and easily without leaving the skin feeling sticky. The coconut scent reminds me of suncream, holidays and sunshine, all kinds of good when it's anything but! My skin did not react to it, neither was it left itchy which it sometimes can be after using a new moisturiser. In fact, because it is all natural my skin reacted positively and I loved seeing how much better my skin was the following morning. 

I would again highly recommend this product because of how well my skin appeared, if you're looking for a new natural moisturiser then snap this up before it goes, because it's fab!

They have a wide range of products available, including a body moisturiser, eye serums and day moisturisers which are available in a further 2 scents other than coconut; Mandarin Orange and Amazonian Berry.

Please do check them out as they are an amazing brand with great products who are vegan, organic and cruelty free! The holy trinity!

Have you heard of Organic and Botanic before? Are you interested in natural products like me?? I hope this post has been useful to you, I do love my skincare! 

Big thanks to Emma from O+B for sending these two products out to me to trial because I have absolutely loved them, my skin thanks you! 

Love, Sarah

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