My First Christmas Gift Guide 2016!*

Saturday, 26 November 2016

By now Christmas shopping for most of us in well under way or even completed! But there are a few out there (or a lot!) who haven't even started and have no idea what to get for the significant people in their lives. Well worry not for I am bringing you my very first Christmas Gift Guide which I hope will help you out. So sit back, relax and let me tell you about the gifts for all those last minute, secret Santa, stocking filler presents you're still looking for!

For Mum, Girlfriend, Grandma, that special lady in your life we have these beautiful blooms courtesy of Beards and Daises; flowers delivered through your letterbox, all carefully and individually wrapped to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition. These Christmas flowers are guaranteed to last at least 2 if not 3 weeks, ensuring they last right through the festive season and beyond. What could be better than bringing a bit of Christmas colour to your table with a beautiful bouquet which will also scent the room beautifully. These Christmas flowers and a whole range of other gorgeous bouquets are now available on the Beards and Daises website,in different colours and styles so you are bound to find one which suits the lady in your life perfectly. (Website / Prices start from £29.99 with free delivery and greetings card.)

If flowers are not her style, perhaps a beautiful scarf would be a more appropriate gift?? This gorgeous palm tree printed scarf is from Lylia Rose and would make an excellent gift for Christmas. There are plenty more designs to choose from, each handmade and lovingly packaged. Lylia Rose also sells jewellery so you could even shop for the two most important women in your life on the same website! Read my Owl Print Scarf Review for more information. I adore Lylia Rose and can honestly say their scarves are incredibly soft and will become a staple in your Mum's, Grandma's, Wife's, Girlfriend's wardrobes should they be lucky enough to receive one from you at Christmas Time. Website/Prices start from £4.99 for the scarves.) You can use my code: ANSUNSHINESARAH* for 10% off (excluding treat boxes)  at *Affiliate code

For stocking fillers/presents for the kids in your life how about this cute lion toothbrush holder or Hersheys Movie Mix Lip Balms? The lip balms come in five flavours; jolly rancher grape/cherry Reeses milk chocolate peanut butter, Hersheys kisses milk chocolate and Hersheys syrup all presented in a fun box shaped like a popcorn holder!! Yes they may be sickly flavours but I'm sure you have some small people who would appreciate this fun gift. (Lip balms £12 from claires accessories and debenhams)

This lion toothbrush cover from Den-Tek hygienically stores your kid's toothbrush and features a suction cup to easily attach it to your bathroom mirror. This toothbrush cover fits most toothbrushes and allows for proper ventilation to help keep your child's toothbrush free of dirt and germs. To open the cover simply use your finger to open the tummy of the cover, push the toothbrush head inside the tummy until it rests on the back. The cover will effortlessly close around the toothbrush. To use the toothbrush, gently pull it out of the cover as the tummy opens. Simple and fun! What could be a better way to get your child to think brushing their teeth is fun than by 'hiding' their toothbrush in the belly of a lion/panda!? Personally I love it and I already know exactly who this will be going to this Christmas!! As parents you have enough battles to deal with and getting kids to brush their teeth can sometimes be a nightmare so let this Den Tek toothbrush cover do some of the work for you. (£3.99 from Boots instore)

For the man in your life, whether that be your boyfriend, husband, father or annoying brother I have something they will love! (If they have hair of course!) Demon Dust Thicken-Up Styling Powder is a powdered styling paste which gives strong hold but doesn't weigh hair down. It makes even hard-to-style fine straight hair look thick and textured. Invisible hold for all hair types,use like a gel, paste or wax. Strong hold, matte finish. Apply to dry hair. A small amount goes a long way!! Beware guys, this is so good your girl may want to steal it!! (£4.99 from Superdrug)

Now here's a gift which ALL women will love. Yes, talking about periods and tampon/sanitary towel disposal is deemed TMI by most but the fact of the matter is that far far too many tampons are still being flushed down toilets ending up in our rivers/streams, not to mention clogging up our drains!! I have previously talked about Fab LittleBag so head over there if you want to find out all about this amazing invention; but basically what it allows us women to do is discreetly, easily and responsibly dispose of our tampons/pads without the need for wrapping in loo roll and feeling embarrassed as to what to do if there's no bin inside the toilet cubicle or if you're at a friend's house and don't want to put your used tampon in their bathroom bin, or worse, flush it down their loo! The ingenious finger loops make one handed opening and closing so easy and quick you'll wonder what you ever did before! They feature a sticky strip to close the bags so nothing can fall out or be seen if placed in an open topped bin. Never be embarrassed again with Fab Little Bag!! These would be perfect for a secret Santa gift or a stocking filler or even to give to your teenage daughters to encourage them to be environmentally friendly and responsible. So think a little differently this Christmas and give the gift of Fab Little Bag. (Available from Waitrose/Ocado/Fab Little Bag website from as little as £1.99!)

For the make-up lover in your life I'm sure you know the hassle caused by make-up brushes littering the sink as they try to keep them clean between uses! The main culprit is usually eyeshadow using at least 3 or 4 different brushes trying to create that smokey eye or glittery eyeshadow look. #Nightmare! Not any more! Introducing Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials; this clever black sponge effortlessly removes colour from your eyeshadow brush completely without the need for soap and water! No product transfer, preserves brushes (prolonged contact with water can cause some brushes to shed and weaken), on the go use (perfect handbag size!), hygienic cleanse, eco-friendly, quick and refillable!! This innovative product extracts all traces of make-up from your brush, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different colour and shades. The Shadow Switch also eliminates the possibility of product transfer between your powders when using the same brush. To use simply press and rotate your brush over the Shadow Switch in a circular motion until all traces of colour powder have gone. Test your brush on the back of your hand to confirm full removal of powders. I happen to think this little beauty is one of the best inventions to happen in the make-up/beauty world, ever! I honestly have no idea why it hasn't been invented before now! Imagine all the time we could've saved....all that effort washing brushes.....!! Not that I'm saying you should stop washing them because you still should but perhaps Shadow Switch now allows you to go a little longer between washings...! This is so good I think every woman/girl in your life who uses make-up should find one in their stockings to save anyone fighting over it! (Amazon £5.99 and once launched, in Debenhams stores and Arch Angelz brow bars in the UK!)

Now here's a gift which is perfect for anyone. Boxcitment are a stationery subscription service who deliver boxes on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis – they can also be bought as a one-off gift. They make the perfect gift for that person you don't quite know what to buy for! I'm sure we all have that one person on our list which makes us go 'Now, what the hell do I buy them'!? Boxcitement simply takes all that stress out of it and delivers a differently themed box every month, for instance in Summer they had a Mid-Summer Night's Box based on the Shakespeare play 'A Mid-Summer Night's Dream' which featured quote postcards, a tote-bag to take lunch al-fresco, pencils, a notebook, a window hanging, a bracelet and gold and silver wrapping string. Read all about that box in my previous Boxcitement Post

What's different about Boxcitement is that they make everything themselves, from the laser cut acrylic candle holder/tree decoration to the handcrafted star zipper pull for your winter coat. It always gives me immense satisfaction when I #shopsmall and support a small British Business like Boxcitement. This month's box is based on the Danish philosophy of 'Hygge' which means getting cosy (one philosophy I can easily get on board with!) and it contains fluffy socks which you can wear whilst drinking hot chocolate sitting in front of the fire! #VeryHygge! For Christmas, Boxcitement have a wide range of options, from mini-boxes for colleagues, teachers and secret Santas, to one-off purchases and subscriptions that keep on giving long after Christmas. Order for delivery direct to your recipient just before Christmas, or choose the mini-box or 'oh so hygge' box which can be posted to you straight away.

Single box options: one-off surprise box £20/one-off mini box £9.50, this 'oh so hygge box' £18.
Multi-box options: 3 months of boxes £51*, 6 months of boxes £96*, ongoing monthly sub £18/month.
All prices include UK P+P. Cut off date for International orders is Dec 10th and for UK is Dec 18th.
*As a thank you from Boxcitement, if you were to purchase 3, 6 or 12 months of boxes as a gift, they will send YOU a pack of goodies completely free! Just use code 'GIFTBOX' at checkout!
In my opinion, Boxcitement boxes make the perfect gift for anyone – including yourself! (Website)

For the beauty lover in your life, there is the Look Fantastic subscription box! Packed full of beauty and make-up goodies to help you shine throughout party season, this Look Fantastic #LFSparkle Box will ensure your hair is shiny, your skin is radiant and your make-up effortless! Inside this special #LFSparkle Box you will find:

L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil, a lightweight hair treatment infused with Avocado and Grape Seed oil to nourish the hair and provide antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors.
Monu Recovery Balm, containing Rose Essential oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Peptides and Blackcurrant Seed Oil to refresh and revitalise your complexion, leaving you glowing.

A Look Good Feel Better angled blending brush which has been specially designed to contour and shade the eye area to give the ultimate definition. Allergy free and environmentally friendly it is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is the only worldwide cancer charity providing practical support for women and teenagers struggling with the visible side effects of their cancer treatments.

Model Co blush cheek powder, a peachy blush which give cheeks a glowing flush of colour to make them radiant and healthy.
Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray – if volume and lift are what you're after then the Volupt Spray by Sebastian will be your new best friend. Giving lift from the roots for long-lasting hold and a beautifully soft finish. (Shake before use!)
Bloom and Blossom revitalising foot and leg spray – perfect to use after doing all your Christmas shopping!!

Look Fantastic offer great deals for 6 or 12 month subscriptions, making it easy for you to treat your loved ones every month. The boxes also makes great storage long after the contents have been used!! (Website/Prices start from £13.33 for a 3 month subscription!)

Lastly I have something for the foodie lover/vegan/vegetarian in your life! Something which will appeal to everyone and make buying for that fussy eater in your life much easier – Health Hampers. A monthly health hamper subscription offering an exciting range of vegan, dairy-free, gluten free and refined sugar-free treats, snacks and indulgences delivered to your door each month. Discover exciting products suited to your health concerns or specific dietary needs. They work with a degree qualified nutritionist and curate a selection of guilt-free bliss to enjoy as a gift or self-indulgence each month. Their hampers include 'raw chocolate' bars and treats, vegan and gluten free snacks and organic whole foods and teas; all sourced from clever manufacturers who share their belief in producing, clean eating food whilst maintaining great taste. I can attest to the 'raw chocolate' being delicious and the 'fit corn' being surprisingly different! Even as a non-vegan with no dietary requirements, I will happily enjoy tasting all these treats and of course drinking the teas because I am a lover of green/fruit teas myself and enjoy sampling differently flavoured teas! Health Hampers are available for pre-order for January now and are priced at £20 plus £2.95 p+p.

I also just want to mention that Kiehl's are having a 20% off deal thanks for #BlackFriday! Buy 2 or more products to qualify!!! It's well worth it as Kiehl's Skincare is some of the best out there and feel so lucky to have gotten my hands on some myself already!

Phew! That was a long one wasn't it?! You probably need a rest after making it all the way to the end! Haha! I hope I have given you some ideas so you can start your Christmas Shopping with more of a clue about what to buy for people! Please let me know if you support any of the brands/businesses here I would love to know! Thanks so much for reading and to all of the brands involved for sending me these items to feature in my very first Christmas Gift Guide! Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Love, Sarah

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