Meet The Blogger Series - Interview 46

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I have decided to start a new series here on Sunshine Sarahxo after meeting so many lovely bloggers on Twitter I would like to get to know them. So I am going to try to recruit as many as I can as I think everyone deserves a chance to be in the spotlight.

Q1: Hello there, nice to have you here on Sunshine Sarahxo! Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your Blog:
Hi! I am Davina from Coloursofarose, I can definitely be described as a typical 18 year old with an unhealthy (and expensive) obsession for makeup! My blog embodies my personality with a focus on Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle but I like to go beyond that every now and then.

Q2: At what point did you decide to make a Blog and share it with the world??
I had just finished my GCSE’S so about June 2014 when I decided I needed to make good use of my time. I have always loved writing and the idea of a blog where I combine all my passions into one and express myself through my writing sounded ideal.
Q3: How would you describe your writing style? Has it changed over time at all?
I can’t really define my writing style, I would just say that you can definitely point out in my writing where my personality sticks out a bit.
Q4: Was there anyone in particular who inspired you? Which Bloggers do you emulate?
I can’t put it down to any particular person because if I am honest all blogs inspire me in one way or another but to name a few blogs, I love WhichBeautyBox, LoveRosiee and TartanTights. There’s so many more I wish I could list!
Q5: Do you have anything in the pipeline on the Blog which you are particularly excited about?!
I now have a lot more time to commit to blogging so that means better content and more frequent posts. I can’t say too much now but I’m excited to start doing a new series on the blog. I’ve always got new things in the works :)
Q6: Does anyone else know about your Blog? What do they think about it??
Some of my friends and family, they are very encouraging and supportive when it comes to my blog. It helps to have people know about my blog as they inspire me to create new blog posts.
Q7: Are you obsessed with Lush!?!? If YES what is your favourite product?!
I’ve been obsessed for years now :) Obviously I have to say the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Who couldn’t resist it? It smells delectable!
Q8: Has your Blog helped you in other areas of life?!
Yes, it’s been amazing how many doors have been opened and aspects of my life have grown as a result of my blogging which definitely pushes me to continue with it. Ultimately my confidence and ability to socialise has vastly improved. I am glad to say I have found some pretty amazing people through blogging.
Q9: What is it that makes you so fabulous?!
My personality which I am sure will seem like a generic answer but really and truly my personality is one of a kind and what makes me great! :)
Q10: Finally, can you recommend anything to us today!? (Skincare/Beauty/TV Show/DVD/Music/Food Item...anything!)
Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks!!!! I know they are hard to find in the UK and may cost an awful lot but they are honestly amazing. The pigmentation speaks for itself and when they say they are long-lasting they really are!

So that concludes our 'Meet the Blogger' for today! Thank You so Much for taking the time to answer these questions today, much appreciated!

Please take the time to check out the blog/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc, be sure to leave a comment saying you found them via Sunshine Sarahxo! Thank You!!

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