Sherbet Hair Salon Opening Event - Leeds!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend the opening of the Sherbet Salon in Leeds. I was quite excited to be attending as I love having my hair done and a trip to the hairdressers is just up my street! 

It turned out to be quite a cold night unfortunately (thanks Autumn!) but that didn't deter me from hopping on the 36 bus from Harrogate to Leeds and making my way to this event!

Upon entering the salon I was immediately greeted by the team - Russell, Markus, Samantha, Daisy and a couple of girls from their Roman View Salon. They were incredibly friendly and took my coat and offered me a glass of Prosecco! 

I took time to have a look at the table they had laid out with different products, all handily labelled with tags so we knew exactly what each one was meant to be used for.

Unfortunately for them, they'd had lots of cancellations due to the weather and it turned out that there were only 3 of us who turned up! This made me sad but also happy that I had made the effort to come and that I would get more of a chance to talk to the staff and find out more about the salon! 

Russell the manager said he wanted to get his hands on my hair and style it so I was taken through to the basins where his daughter and trainee hairdresser washed my hair for me. It made me almost wish that I hadn't washed it before I came out!

Russell showed me the technique he used to ensure my hair was given lots of lift, he also used Grip Definer by Matrix to enable him to get better grip and give my hair texture. It worked really well and the simple technique he used and the tips he gave me seemed so simple I honestly don't know what I had been doing before! Plus it didn't take him more than 5-10 minutes to actually complete! The Grip Definer can also be used at the end to add shine and hold. I loved the end result and will definitely be trying it out at home! Thanks Russell!


I loved the whole aesthetic to the salon, from the big red couch near the door to the plain grey walls with green accents on the walls. Everything is pleasing to the eye and allows you to fully focus on the job in hand and not be distracted. It being quite a small space, there are six chairs in the front and two wash basins out the back, enough for it to look full when it's busy but they have been clever not to overload it with more chairs than it can take. It still feels like you're getting a one to one with your stylist and not having to fight over loud conversations or the noise from the hairdryers. 

All in all I had a great time at this new Sherbet Hair Salon on Lidgette Lane in Leeds. The team are extremely friendly, helpful and I wouldn't hesitate to go to them for a cut or colour in the future. Thank You for inviting me I had a wonderful night, it was so great to meet everyone and thanks to Russell for the lift to the bus stop! 

You can find this new salon at:

106 Lidgett Lane
West Yorkshire

Phone: (0113) 266 3905

Love, Sarah 

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