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Saturday, 5 November 2016

I'm sure you know who Brogantatexo is, she's that amazing young lady on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube who just seems to be doing everything right at the moment!! I have followed her career ever since she started and I have really admired her. I remember when she was younger and just starting out on the whole Youtube/Blogging journey; combining this with working as a manger in a baby clothes shop and running her own small jewellery business online – The Beauty Closet. I loved it and actually bought a few items from her shop! (Jewellery Haul Post). How she managed to juggle all this is beyond me really!! And to think I was only in the beginnings of running my own business and starting out on my own blogging journey!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Brogan recently at the Bloggger's Blog Awards and I still can't believe it! I didn't tell her I was coming so managed to completely take her by surprise which was great!! I can attest to her being as gorgeous and amazing in real life as she comes across in all her videos. She looked absolutely incredible in her Lipsy dress with her trademark curly hair. We chatted and hugged and teared up as we finally met each other and Brogan told me how she sees everything I do, every tweet every comment, every tweet about Jimmy's...I couldn't hold the tears back and neither could she! (Sorry if I made your mascara run Brogan!) I knew she would win best vlogger at the awards and I just had to congratulate her when she was walking back to her seat! To say she was surprised was an understatement! But I just had to meet her finally after all these years of following her online and the fact that she was finally up North! Brogan lives down south in beautiful Bournemouth, which I have to say is (apart from Yorkshire!) one of the best places to live in the UK! I knew I wouldn't really have any other chance to! I do have family down there so there's always the possibility I could meet her down there too but this chance was too good to miss! (Massive shoutout and thanks to Hayley from Tea Party Beauty for giving me a spare ticket!)

When I first walked into Canal Mills I remember feeling so out of place (mainly because I was late!) because I wasn't as dressed up as everyone else and I hadn't had time to meet everyone before the awards actually started! But I was so pleased I'd made it in time to see Brogan win...I remember nominating her for the award and actually my reason for nominating her was printed in the little programme which was handed out on the day! Talking about her vlogs I said:

  They are always the highlight of my week that's for sure! She's so down to earth and genuine and I love the fact that she's so real and she doesn't shy away when she's having a tough time either!!  

This is so true!! Honestly!! I just love Brogan's smile and her personality just shines through!!

Like I said I have followed Brogan though all her trials and tribulations, through all the boyfriends and Tinder dates, her difficult times with her Mum and Dad and finally getting her own little flat! There have been so many times I've wanted to climb through my laptop screen and give her a hug, especially when she was crying on screen. I'd always try to send her a positive tweet or leave her a positive comment on her videos so she knew that I was there for her when she was having her hardest of times.

I've also followed Brogan's blog for many years and love reading it when she has a new post up. She's recently refreshed her header and content and I absolutely love it! We all need a blog refresh from time to time and Brogan's is definitely one I always seek out to read! In 2015 she came Highly Commended in Cosmopolitain's Blog Awards for Best  Vlog and also won Best Beauty Blog!! So she must be doing something right! The Blogger's Blog Awards win followed soon after and most recently (03 November 2016!!) she won Cosmopolitain's Influcencer Award!! I could not be more thrilled for her! 2016 certainly seems to be her year!

A photo posted by Brogan ⚓️ (@brogantatexo) on

A photo posted by Brogan ⚓️ (@brogantatexo) on

What I love most about Brogan is how she doesn't shy away from tackling the difficult times she goes through. There was a period in 2015 where she was crying almost daily in her vlogs and I felt so bad for her but I also greatly admired her for showing it on screen. It is this realism which keeps her thousands of subscribers coming back week after week and tuning into her main channel videos. She recently took a break from weekly vlogging and did #LifeChats instead which still attracted good views and allowed her to time off to refocus. It was during this time she was busy working at Jimmy's! Yes there were people who wondered where her weekly vlogs had gone but like Brogan said I can't please everyone and thanks to those of you who have stuck around whilst I take some time off! This was mainly due to her changing her job from being an administrator to being a Digital Whisk at Jimmy's Iced Coffee. This is her dream job and after years of Brogan working in meanial jobs just to earn a living I so admire her for not giving up on her dreams and taking a risk by leaving her previous job and going after something she'd wanted for years. Like Brogan herself said this is more of a career path than anything else she's had. I've also changed jobs this year and although it's not my dream career, it's financially stable and I admire anyone in this jobs climate who takes a gamble!

Brogan also impresses me with her ability and determination not only for her blog and youtube but also with being brave enough to go on a Trek America Tour alone in 2015. Travelling alone isn't easy but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone does wonders for you (I should know I spent 2 years travelling around Australia!!) And Brogan being Brogan she took us all along for the journey too so we could all be a part of her Trek! Unfortunately not all the girls on the tour were as happy, outgoing and friendly and started being mean to her so there were some tears, but she dusted herself down, took the higher ground and took herself to Disneyland Florida!! 

So there you have it! I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about Brogan and why she impresses me so much and has had a lasting impression on me. She pushes me in ways she doesn't even realise to be a better person, it produce the best content possible and be a positive influence for all of MY followers too!! =) So Thank You Brogan, here's to an incredible 2017!!!! =P 

Love, Sarah

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