Alternative Christmas Gifts for Dads!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

One of the best things about Christmas is watching your nearest and dearest unwrap the gifts you carefully chose for them, and seeing their (hopefully) excited reactions. But why is it that Dads are always the hardest to shop for? The fact that they never ask for anything specific doesn’t help, but there is no denying that it can be tough to think of exciting gifts beyond the standard socks and smellies that they have no doubt received countless times in the past.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration then take a look at these alternative gift ideas for your Dad to make sure you nail the art of gift giving this Christmas.
  1. Food Subscription Box

    If your Dad is a bit of a foodie, then how about a subscription to his favourite food? Whatever his preference, there is likely to be a company offering this service, and you can arrange for fresh, high quality produce to be delivered to his door on a monthly basis. So, if he loves a good old fashioned steak dinner then there are some fantastic meat boxes available, or for the coffee connoisseur then how about a fresh coffee bean subscription? This gift is both thoughtful and practical, and depending on how long you sign him up for, he will be able to enjoy it long after the festive period.

  2. A Night at the Movies 

    Is your Dad always complaining that they don’t make movies like they used to? Well then how about a trip to the local Picture House to see one his favourite classic films on the big screen? It’s sure to bring a smile to his face and as an extra bonus you will get to spend some quality time together.

  1. A Hamper Full of his Favourite Sweets

    If your Dad has a major sweet tooth, then why not get him an extra special sweet selection? You could fill the hamper with his favourite retro sweets, delicious Christmas biscuits, and enough high quality chocolate to satisfy his sugar cravings for the foreseeable future!

  1. Arrange a Day Out for Him and an Old Friend

    You’ve heard all the wild stories about your Dad and his oldest childhood friend, but when was the last time they actually met up and had some fun? If you’re struggling to remember, then arranging a fun day out for them both could be the nudge they needed to reconnect. You’ve heard about their adventures together, so perhaps a boat trip would be the perfect chance for them to make some new memories? You could always give him something related to the day out to open on Christmas day, like a sailing jacket, to get him excited.

  2. Classic Car Driving Experience

    Does your Dad begin every story with the make and model of car he was driving at the time? If this sounds familiar, then a classic car driving experience could be the perfect gift for him. He’ll be able to indulge his inner petrol-head, and the nostalgic twist makes the gift even more personal. 

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