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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Grab the mistletoe and get ready to find the perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas.
Warner Bros. has the ultimate selection, whether you’re looking for him, for her, or for festive favourites to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.
Get ready to snuggle up with these heartwarming titles for her, including Me Before You, The Intern, In The Heart of the Sea, Wizard of Oz and How to Be Single.
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Have you seen any of these films?! Personally, the only one I've seen is The Wizard of Oz! It's one of my favourites simply because it's been around for so long and there are so many quotes which you can take from it, not to mention the songs!! From 'Follow The Yellow Brick Road' to 'The Wicked Witch Is Dead' they are very catchy and everyone knows them even if they haven't seen the film!  Check out my previous Warner Brothers Post for some quotes from this most iconic of films! 
Now I just read Jojo Moyes's book 'Me Before You' and it was hands down, one of the best books I have ever read. Very touching and despite knowing the ending, I was hoping it wouldn't turn out that way and the main character, Louisa, would be able to change William's mind about going to Switzerland. It definitely makes you think about the whole human euthanasia topic and what you would do if you ever found yourself in the same position. I am yet to read 'Me After You' but it is high on my list to loan out from my local library.
 Films make the perfect gift for Christmas because what's better than snuggling up with your favourite person, friends, family or other half whilst it's cold and rainy outside?? It's why this time of year is my favourite because I don't feel quite so guilty about staying inside all the time watching my favourite films!
Check out my Christmas Gift Guide for other awesome ideas, if you're still struggling as to what to buy for everyone! I'm sure you'll find something in there for everyone on your list! 
Merry Christmas!! 

Love, Sarah 


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