Three Entrepreneurs Can Help You Take Action in the New Year

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Starting each year on a positive note is a great way to set the tone for the year. These three entrepreneurs have helped me end 2016 on a high, and can help you start 2017 with a bang.

Ali Golds

Ali’s StartUp course in August and September got me thinking and working on so many important things, including the purpose of my organisation, research, the target audience, budgeting, governance, the skills needed, and some things to think about once launched.

Each week on the free online course Ali would send over a document with useful tips, guidance and things to think about or work on, plus a video on the topic too.

I made sure I set aside time each week to work through the information from Ali. I often have a lot of emails I need to get through in my inbox (I’m working on getting to and maintaining inbox zero!). The reason I always made sure to read Ali’s emails ASAP were:

  1. They were really useful!
  2. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity of speaking with Ali in the weekly group coaching calls that were also included in the programme.

The weekly conversation with Ali was so useful – I found Ali so easy to speak with and her passion, enthusiasm and expertise shone through on every call. I left each call feeling like I had a clear idea what my next steps need to be, and felt more confident.

Nyasha Gwatidzo

I have considered doing a long walk for Good News Shared, so when I read Nyasha’s book ‘Walk With Me’ after meeting her in Berlin I was interested to read about her experiences from her walk and also her many years’ business experience.

Each day Nyasha shares stories from her walk and also her businesses. In each chapter Nyasha’s can-do attitude shines through, and reading it each morning on my commute to work in Berlin left me feeling determined to make the most from my day. I was also struck by how many people helped Nyasha on her walk-from giving her a place to sleep and some food to donating to her cause to swapping trainers with her to walking with her and helping her stay motivated. It highlighted really well how one person’s dream needs to be supported by a lot of people in order for it to be achieved.

Alex Swallow

First, disclosure time – Alex is my husband, and he has inspired me and supported me in so many ways. When I took the time to do the work exercises in his book I was surprised, Alex’s e-book ‘How To Become An Influencer’ helped me in more ways than I was expecting!

I have heard Alex give talks, read his posts, watched his videos and discussed some of the topics he covers in his book with him. Despite all this, his free e-book ‘How To Be An Influencer’ really had me thinking about things that I haven’t given enough thought to, like what my current brand is, who influences me and what I would want to do if someone gave me a magic wand to make all my life’s ambitions come true.

In fact, I found the advice given by Alex in the book- on authenticity, networking, personal brand, and much more – plus the exercises, so useful I have decided to read it and do the exercises again every 3 months. As I am not part of a large company with a big training budget, Alex’s book is going to form part of my professional development.

Ali’s course and Nyasha and Alex’s books are all different, but had some overlapping lessons for me, including:

  • It is important to know what you are working hard to achieve.
  • What you want to achieve IS possible.
  • No journey will be without challenges. What is important is planning and your attitude.
  • Having a support network is so important

If you have been inspired by the #SmallBiz series on this blog and would like to start your own business- Ali’s StartUP course and Nyasha and Alex’s books are great places to start for actionable advice and guidance.

Nisha Kotecha is the Founder of Good News Shared and the creator of The Moments Journal, a guided journal that helps people feel more positive and remember the nice times from their day. Buy a copy – for yourself or someone you care about – online here.

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