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Monday, 13 February 2017

I posted this on my Instagram this morning after reading a post about Valentine's Day in the Sunday Telegraph. It may be Valentine's tomorrow but it's all the small things which add up over the year which mean more to me than anything else. I'm not against V Day itself because I think it's lovely to mark time and show your other half how much they mean to you, but I'm talking about longevity in a relationship. How everything you do over the weeks, months, years and decades really can mean more than any big bunch of flowers. 

I look at my parent's relationship and always wonder what it is that has made them last for 45 years together (42 years married this August). It must be compromise. Mum does the shopping, cooking, washing etc and Dad cleans up after tea, sorts the dishwasher (he's the dishwasher king!), gives my Mum wine, works in the garden and makes my Mum coffee after tea! He knows which side his bread is buttered! The sweetest thing he did recently was for my Mum's Birthday, he went to a specialist flower shop in a little local village to buy her a big bunch of flowers. No supermarket flowers here! He hid them in the garage so see wouldn't see before the big day!! #Love #Romance #Allthesmallthings xo

Like I said, I am not against Valentine's Day itself, I guess what I'm trying to say is whenever I see on twitter someone saying " had a crap day but came home to my OH running me a bath and handing me a glass of wine.." it always makes me smile because to me, that's true romance. When your OH notices that you've had a shitty day and doing something to make you smile, or a friend sending you a card when you're down to cheer you up.

 I've asked my ladies onTwitter to tweet me the little things that are romantic to them:

@sunshinesarahxo when someone puts their arm around your waist and pulls you in 😘
— Em Sheldon (@emshelx) February 13, 2017
@sunshinesarahxo hahaknew it! Thank you 😊 I'm feeling rubbish today and it really cheered me up xxxx
— I s sy (@IssyBelleFox) February 13, 2017

You guys, my girlfriend is the cutest look at this message she sent me as I started my ballet class 💕
— Danielle Jade ☁️🌏 (@DanielleJade___) February 13, 2017

I'm so in love. My girlfriend picked me from dance & when we got home had made dinner, bought me roses in newspaper and a bottle of red ❤️
— Danielle Jade ☁️🌏 (@DanielleJade___) February 13, 2017

Max carried me through the woods last night so my suede boots wouldn't get ruined and if that's not true love I don't know what is
— lauren(@loulabxlle) February 12, 2017

My mum has a teddy bear that has sat on her dashboard for years, but it's obvsgot dirty and matted over time, but it kindajust...
— Ashton Jade Gibbs 🌍 (@ashtongibbs) February 14, 2017
...stays sat there out of habit. As you know, today is Valentine's Day, and as a gift for my mum, my dad sneaked the teddy...
— Ashton Jade Gibbs 🌍 (@ashtongibbs) February 14, 2017
...from the car and gave it a proper wash making it fluffy and new again. He just presented it to her. What a cutie. 💘
— Ashton Jade Gibbs 🌍 (@ashtongibbs) February 14, 2017

So you see, all the small things really are the big things! Plus, the day before Valentine's Day (ie today!) is known as #GalentinesDay and is a time to share for you to share the love of your female friends/girlfriends!! I think this is brilliant because we all need to shout out about our #squads every now and again! I have tons of badass women on my Twitter feed who always inspire me and make me smile. I love these girls with all my heart and am so proud to be able to call them friends. Here's to #GalentinesDay and #GirlSquads ruling the day! xo

(Rosie, Kayleigh, Madeleine, Claire, Tina, Jasmine, Charlene, Bex and Issy!) 

Who is in your #GirlSquad?! Has your OH done something recently to make you smile a bit more!? Do you like to surprise them with anything!? Please let me know because I would love to know!!! 

Love, Sarah

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