Reaching Your Fitness Goals 2017

Monday, 13 February 2017

This year is going to be the year that you get the body you’ve always dreamed of. Instead of making excuses, you’re going to make fitness your priority and power through to reach your goals. By summer you’ll have abs like the chicks on Instagram, thighs of steel and arms so svelte you just can’t wait to show them off in a strapless dress. It won’t come easy, but it will be so worth it when you get there. Here are a few techniques you’ll need to help you on your way.
Accept it will be hard at first
Theodore Roosevelt believed that “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, [and] difficulty”, although it sounds harsh, Teddy hit the nail on the head with his philosophy, especially where fitness is concerned. If getting your ideal body and being in excellent health are important to you, then you must recognize that you’ll have to make sacrifices and put in the blood sweat and tears to succeed. The good news is that the first few attempts will be the hardest; you’ll be tired, you’ll ache and you’ll probably feel a little demoralised for the first month or so, but you will eventually get through it! Accept that it’s going to be hard for a while and keep picking yourself up, once you reach month two you will be will out of the woods and into a routine.
Make time for fitness
Our daily lives are getting busier and busier with commuting, emails, friends to see, housework to do, and the list goes on. In our hectic schedules, it can feel impossible to find time for exercise, but there are ways you can blend your health regime with everyday tasks to make it more achievable. The easiest approach is to make your commute a fitness session by walking, running, or cycling to or from work. If you don’t have a shower in your office, then try jogging home at the end of the day. Alternatively, try a brisk walk or a slow bike ride on your way in, you can even get urban cycle wear from brands like Fox Wilson Clothing, which are both comfortable for riding and smart enough to wear on the job. A 30-minute workout takes just 2% of your day, so find the will and make the way.
Reward yourself as you go
For some people visualising their future sleek selves motivation is enough to stay on track with their fitness goals. For the rest of us, we need a little more to keep us going and this is where small rewards are important. Steer clear of treating yourself with foods or drinks as this could end up causing a negative habit cycle. Instead choose incentives that positively reinforce your commitment to your goals. This may be getting those gorgeous yoga leggings you’ve had your eye on for ages or signing up to a dance class that you know you’ll love. By setting small rewards when you reach small goals you will be motivated to achieve them. Additionally, you will create further motivation by making them items that tie in with your regime.
 Do what you love
Give yourself a break and quit doing activities you don’t like. Yes, getting your dream physique is going to take commitment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it! With the myriad of classes and routines available there really is something for everyone. If you’re not keen on working out in the gym by yourself for example, try a bounce fit body session, there are very few people who don’t enjoy trampolining. Keep in mind that you are more likely to enjoy exercise when you do it in a group, whether it be with a work out buddy, in a team or in a class, the people around you will encourage you and keep you competitive! Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s fun - you’ll be much more likely to stick at it and finally get the results you’ve been daydreaming of.
You can reach your goals and you can do it this year, it’s just going to take some perseverance. So, accept that it won’t be easy and get your nose to the grind stone - your abs aren’t going to crunch themselves! Just remember to pick something you enjoy and reward yourself along the way and you’ll be beach body ready in no time!
Love, Sarah

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